September 20, 2021

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Rockets and drones: Hamas military parade after fighting with Israel

Thousands of Hood fighters from the Palestinian movement’s Hamas militia marched through the Gaza Strip on Friday, displaying rocket launchers, rockets and a drone, a week after a deal with Israel came into force.

In vehicles or on foot, most with weapons in hand, members of the Assad al-Qassam brigade marched through the Hamas-controlled southern city of Rafah and under Israeli siege for nearly 15 years.

The AFP correspondent noted that Palestinians attended a rally in which children, women and children, some of whom were covered in green on the foreheads of al-Qassam battalions.

The Islamic movement, which has been in power in Gaza since 2007, is considered by Hamas, Israel’s arch-enemy, to be a “terrorist” organization.

Clashes between the fourth and fourth enemy since 2008 erupted on May 10, when hundreds of Palestinians joined the movement and wounded in clashes with police after Hamas fired rockets at Israel. Israel has occupied the Holy City of the Palestinian Territories in East Jerusalem since 1967.

Between May 10 and 21, when the ceasefire took effect, 254 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, including 66 children and militants, local officials said. In Israel, a rocket fire from Gaza killed 12 people, including a child, a teenage girl and a soldier, police said.

Both protagonists demanded victory after the fight.

Over the days, thousands of al-Qassam militants have marched through several cities in the Palestinian territories with military weapons.

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