October 19, 2021

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Risk, Effectiveness of Vaccines, Propagation என்ன What You Need to Know About Delta Variation

D.Discovered in India in October 2020, the delta variant formerly known as the Indian variant “Worrying By the World Health Organization (WHO). In this category there are variations that worsen the economic situation or weaken the effectiveness of health measures.

Also known as B.1.617.2, it is “The most contagious variant ever identified, Explains WHO boss Tetros Adonom Cypress.

Where does it spread?

On May 3, the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced the discovery of three cases of delta variation in Casablanca. As for the British variant, the authorities will no longer communicate the results of the genetic sequencing carried out. Since then, the data have not been updated and the number of cases of delta variation detected is unknown.

On Sunday, June 27, South Africa, the most affected country on the African continent, tightened its controls to combat delta diversity, where new pollutants dominate.

This variation, which originated in India, is now available in more than 85 countries – in varying degrees – according to the latest weekly WHO bulletin. The delta variant now dominates the UK and hits Russia hard. Russian authorities on Monday announced death tolls from Kovit-19 in Moscow and St. Petersburg with 124 and 110 deaths, respectively, in 24 hours.

Is it more contagious?

According to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC), the delta variant is 40 to 60% more widespread than the former British variant alpha. The latter is 60% more contagious than the initial strain of the virus.

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Are Vaccines Effective?

While officials are concerned about the return of the infection, the effectiveness of the vaccine is questionable. Since the beginning of June, two studies have confirmed the vaccine efficacy of two doses, Pfizer-Bioendech and Astrogeneneka, with 83% and 60%, respectively, against infections caused by delta. Lower percentage than performance against alpha variation. This study specifically highlights the importance of vaccination with two doses. Against Delta, the dosage effectiveness of these vaccines is reduced by two.

Efficacy data for the Moderna and Jansen vaccines are not yet available because they are incomplete. Russian vaccine designer Sputnik V defends it on MondayAll known types”Including delta. Chinese epidemiologist Zhang Nanshan has improved the effectiveness of the Sinovac and Sinoform vaccines. The latter have been used in Morocco as well as the Oxford-Astrogene vaccine.

However, many countries that rely on these laboratories face the rise of epidemics. This is the situation in the Seychelles and Mongolia. “If vaccinations are adequate, we should not see this trendSaid Jin Tongyan, a virologist at the University of Hong Kong New York Times.