April 10, 2021

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Retail trade in North Rhine-Westphalia had one-day ups and downs yesterday. The Munster High Court first ruled in his favor, followed by an embracing security order following Dஸsseldorf’s reaction. The first reactions from the stores soon became obsolete; They will have to wait a little longer. Zalando wants to reduce the wait for online customers, launching a new campaign including fashion retail chain video. In Great Britain, the owners of the DIY chain Kingfisher were able to celebrate twice. Satisfaction exists because there have been good figures since last year, which were boosted by online trading, and later due to the decision of the British government to postpone the introduction of the online tax for the time being. Successful statistics may challenge you in Germany too, because good values ​​are now part of the daily business of online retail, and now the Federal e-Commerce Association shows the state of the industry in the German economy.

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DHL wants to increase consistency
DHL, Deutsche Post’s parcel service, has set new sustainability goals for the next few years. With an investment of seven billion euros, it is primarily about converting the fleet to electric vehicles and converting buildings to climate neutrality, according to various reports. Media. The deadline for achieving the targets is 2030. The proportion of electric vehicles should be 60 per cent as against the current level of 80,000 vehicles. In aircraft, the target value for using sustainable fuels is at least 30 percent. Annual CO2 emissions are expected to fall from about 33 million tonnes to 29 million tonnes by 2030.

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Digitally fitted for a fresh start in retail
First step to default: With click & appointment, shopping is possible again on agreed dates. Telecom supports this with online booking MagentaBusiness POS. Even without your own website – booking shopping appointments becomes a child’s game. The solution is available for free and can be used quickly. Further

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Back and forth to retail in NRW after the court ruling
The joy of retailing in North Rhine-Westphalia had a short half-life. It was Monday morning High Administrative Court (OVG) Munster Removed various corona restrictions such as customer limits per square meter or the need to book appointments. According to the court ruling, the design of the regulations violated the constitutional principle of equal treatment. In those cases where there are no reasons to further differentiate the rules for different branches, the country goes its own way. Pre-appointments are no longer required. The first stores reacted and opened within a short time. But the verdict came within hours Response of the Ministry of Health Adjusting and tightening the Dசsseldorf and Corona Safety Ordinance. Online track with click & encounter should be used regularly. Now the requirements apply to stationery stores, bookstores and garden centers.

Zalando begins a spring campaign with the heroes
Zalando launched a new spring campaign titled “Stay Here”. The online fashion retailer wants to focus on individuals who represent their beliefs without restrictions. It’s about “core values ​​like diversity, inclusion and women’s advancement,” as the company calls it. The couple depicted in the photos present their common values, “to stay here” and make it clear that these values ​​will continue to grow over the long term. Another component of the campaign is a Picture With actor Luke Brewer about the heroes of the community.


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Amazon won sales shares at record speed
Amazon has set new registration numbers again for the merger of new sales partners. This is the result of an investigation Finbold. Every day this year 3,700 new partners joined the network of Internet companies, a total of 295,000 this year. Analysts estimate that about 1.4 million companies will join by the end of this year. The United States has the largest share of new suppliers at 26 percent, followed by India at 10.1 percent and Germany at 6.6 percent. The excellent access and popularity of the Amazon platform is leading to huge growth, which is further strengthened by Corona, as companies need high-level awareness sites to get started on e-commerce, Finbold says. But they also warn that the merger with Amazon is not a guarantee of increasing sales. Strategic considerations are needed on how to deal with Amazon in the future.

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Kingfisher bipolar
After a successful year of 2020, the Kingfisher Group wants to continue with sales through fixed stores on the one hand and online commerce on the other. In the opinion of the management of DIY chain, it has been reported that sustainable sales are even more important for e-commerce Internettrailing. Sales of electronic commerce increased by 158 per cent last year and now account for 18 per cent of group sales, an increase of ten percentage points. Numbers for Click & Collect were up 226 percent and now account for 78 percent of online retail. Overall, customers picked up 92 percent of all orders in stores, including products to deliver to their homes. The subsidiary P&Q has now expanded its delivery on the day of ordering their delivery services. Due to the growth of the online business, new ideas for fixed stores are now being considered, including reducing sales areas.

Great Britain opens its decision on online tax
The UK government has not yet made a decision to introduce the online tax and now plans to postpone it. The first reports of a two per cent tax in Great Britain came in early February. The government wanted to adjust the conditions for fixed and virtual sales. According to a report Fashion United The government wants to wait until the fall to make a decision. This is because it remains to be seen whether the United States will support the OECD draft to reform global tax regulation in the digital sector.

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E-commerce as a growth machine
According to a new study Federal Association of e-Commerce and Mail Order EV (Bev), undertaken by the Copenhagen Economic Institute, continues to emphasize the importance of online commerce for the German economy. The share of gross domestic product (GDP) is about 100 billion euros, 2.9 percent, and the number of employees is 1.256 million. The association makes a comparison here with the automotive industry, which employs 1.283 million people, with a share of 4.9 percent of GDP. For every 100 new jobs created, a further 66 new jobs will be created in the region, the study said. The association sees a close complement of online and offline commerce, with a clear separation becoming increasingly rare. E-commerce offers particularly good opportunities for small and medium enterprises, whose sales share is ten percentage points above average.

Introduces the H&M app for clothing consulting
In January, H&M announced the development of a virtual changing room, with the fashion retail chain in Great Britain now launching an app for clothing consulting. Fashion United Reports that men can use the digital tool to get advice on choosing their clothes. In advance, the customer’s profile is created with information about body and clothing size, followed by tips for the right outfit. Chat can also be used to interact with personal stylists. When the application will be introduced in other countries will still be open.

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Seminar on all questions about fee transactions
A full day is dedicated on March 25th Online-Seminar Questions on fee transactions from IP Research to A to Z. Topics include the basics of Payment Services Movement 2 and the content and effects of real-time payments / instant payments. In addition, ISO 20022 migration, overseas activities and programmable money are on the agenda. The institute at the University of Regensburg offers certificates of participation or advanced training.