September 21, 2021

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President Ramaphosa acknowledges corruption in the central state – Parliament


Incumbent South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday acknowledged widespread corruption in the state, saying he was the vice president of Jacob Zuma and that he would not resign because it would hamper efforts to counter the tension. The politician testified before the Commission of Inquiry into the horrific state corruption under his predecessor Jacob Zuma on Wednesday, August 11, that he was forced to leave in 2018 as he was embroiled in a mountain of corruption.

During his testimony, the South African leader said he had “.Five options“At the time:”Resign, speak up, nod and encourage, be calm and be calm or resist“If he had resigned then, this would have been the end.”Would have significantly affected his ability to stopTo corruption at the peak of the state. Cyril Ramaphosa said he had decided to stay. “To oppose the most blatant and blatant abuses of power.

A commission has been investigating corruption under Zuma since 2018. Cyril Ramaphosa testified again on Wednesday, August 11, that a conciliatory attitude was far from his predecessor, who had spent a month in prison for refusing to appear there. A bad report in 2016 on widespread corruption during the Zuma era (2009-2018) described how the Gupta brothers, who belong to a wealthy Indian family close to former President Zuma, won lucrative public deals and participated in the administration. State affairs, including the appointment of ministers.

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