March 6, 2021

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Portugal calls for EU security and security partnership with Great Britain –

On Friday (February 19), Portuguese Defense Minister Jono Gomez Gravinho called on the European Union to develop “comprehensive frameworks for partnership” with the United Kingdom in security and defense policy.

Speaking at a conference discussing the future of EU security and security policy, the Portuguese stressed the need to build “better and more strategic alliances” by increasing cooperation with traditional partners.

Referring to Canada and Norway, Gravinho said the EU should develop “the necessary institutional mechanisms and broader partnership structures” with the United Kingdom.

He advocated a strong relationship with the United States, especially in areas such as hybrid threats or capacity gaps.

“The European Union is a very effective ally of the United States, so we hope that soon there will be a defense and security dialogue at the ministerial level between the two regions,” the Portuguese defense minister said.

The Portuguese president warns of alienation from NATO

Portugal’s Defense Minister Jono Gomez Gravinho warns that any attempt to distance the EU from NATO will deepen divisions between EU member states. Instead, he argues, cooperation mechanisms between the two partners need to be improved.

For multilateral organizations such as NATO and the United Nations, Gravinho believes there should also be regular strategic meetings at the ministerial level.

The so-called “strategic compass” of the European Union, which includes three phases – the analysis of threats, the definition of strategic objectives and the establishment of political guidelines for military planning, is, in his view, “reconsider NATO’s strategic vision,” Gravinho said.

In addition to partnerships with other countries, he noted the other three pillars of the EU’s common strategy for the future: crisis management, recession and capabilities.

Gravinho pointed to the potential for developing common EU security and defense missions and measures to meet European needs.

“We need more practical requirements, more robust control systems, much stronger mandates for better planning and operations based on crisis situations,” he said.

The epidemic has made it clear that the handling of complex emergencies needs to be improved, according to the Portuguese. In this context, regression should have two aspects: “Everything that is subject to enemy influence […] Anything that requires extensive use of military skills. “

However, Gravinho agrees that the epidemic has shown good examples of best practices in responding to complex emergencies.

“We must continue to practice maneuvers to speed up the process. [Land] To relocate, ”the defense minister said.

The Minister also proposed the establishment of an EU Internet Unit to coordinate the national efforts of the 27 EU member states.

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