April 10, 2021

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PicsArt opens UK hub as part of its latest global expansion drive

PicsArt, The world’s largest creative site announced today that it is opening its new location in the UK. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has staff around the world: growing locations and employees in Yerevan (Armenia), Los Angeles, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo and India. Last year alone, PixArt expanded its workforce by 36%. Establishing a new location in the UK is PixArt’s latest move in the company’s strategy to cater to the needs of more than 150 million monthly active creators’ user base worldwide.

The announcement was made recently by renowned UK-based designer Duncan Riley at Vix of PixArt. In this role, the relay will lead to the expansion of the new hub, which will focus on product development and design. Riley has more than 18 years of experience building creative teams and creating global user experiences for many leading brands including Shazam, Skyscanner, Snapshot, NBC Universal, Viacom and Absolute Radio.

“At PicsArt, we work with the best overall experience for creators. Everyone can complete their everyday moments, express their interests, promote their company or create art. I am very excited to work with incredible talent in PixAtt and to begin to develop the England team to move our vision forward in 2021, ”said Riley.

PictArt Founder and CEO Hovanus Avoyan says of the expansion: “As a global thinker and workforce with over 700 employees, we have set a goal for PicsArt editors to use multiple applications for our products. Way to meet around the world. We are happy to welcome new members to the UK and use all their insights and contributions to create an exciting one for our active and energetic user site.

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In addition to its headquarters in New England, PixArts employs in other global regions, including remote work positions in areas such as design, engineering, product operations, marketing and content. Potential applicants can find additional information about the positions currently open https://picsart.com/jobs.

About PicsArt

PicsArt is the world’s No. 1 creative platform, one for seven consecutive quarters Top 20 Most Downloaded Apps. Each month, the PicsArt community creates, remixes, and shares billions of visual stories using the company’s powerful, easy-to-use editing tools. PixArt has amassed one of the largest collections of open source content in the world, including free editable photos, stickers, backgrounds, templates and more. PicsArt is available in 30 languages ​​for free and by subscription on iOS, Android and Windows devices. PicsArt is supported by Sequoia Capital, TCM Ventures, Insight Partners and Secular Cuff & Company. Load Download or view the app picsart.com Or picsart.com/brands/If you want more information.

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