September 21, 2021

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“Opportunities for economic growth are not promising”

After nearly two years of stormy relations between France and Madagascar, Madagascan President Andrei Rajolina seems to want to stay close not only to his colleague, but also to French economists. But this is the desire for stability above all else, especially because the Malagasy president is weak, says Olivier Walle, an economist and expert in Madagascar.The military community in Madagascar, the question of respect (s)Published by Kartala (2017).

TV5 MONDE: After nearly two years of diplomatic pressure, why this desire to calm relations with France?

Olivier Wally, economist and political scientist: This is one way to look at it. I do not know if he is willing to effectively calm the situation of conflict between France and Madagascar. But on the other hand it is certain that he is in a subtle situation from an economic and political point of view, but also in the general situation of the country and this will motivate him to find at least one position.

TV5 MONDE: What “General Perspectives on Sustainable Economic Growth ” Can consider?

Oliver Wally: In terms of economic growth, we are in a stalemate, which explains the need for reconciliation between France and Madagascar. Economic growth under President Mark Rawalpindi was relatively prosperous, shortly before the 2009 coup. This was marked by the great liberalization of the economy. Malagasy bosses.

However, in recent years, investment in Madagascar has become more sectoral. I think of things like telephony, electronics, but with very little provoked effects on Madagascar’s poverty. I do not know if President Macron talks about sustainable development when he thinks about poverty, but the Malagasy economic model, despite having some undeniable jewels, allows some Malagasy bosses or bourgeoisie to rank in the African fortunes. It is true that Madagascar is a poorer country than other African countries and the health and education situation is even worse than most countries in Africa.

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If we are to judge the overall economic system, taking into account a certain number of social criteria, health education and poverty reduction, the prospects for economic growth are not promising.

TV5 MONDE: Andre Rajolina meets MEDEF, how to qualify his relationship with the French economic environment?

Oliver Wally: The French economic community was ultimately not much in Madagascar. In the construction industry in Madagascar today there is only one major French public sector company, but in most other sectors, I think of consumer goods, automobiles, etc., which is mostly a market controlled by Asia or emerging suppliers like Turkey or India.

Madagascar is a small partner of France.

Olivier Wally, economist and political scientist

Malagasy France’s share in foreign trade is low. If there are French investments in Madagascar, they are the main investments of French entrepreneurs who are mostly family or individual entrepreneurs in the non-export zone of Madagascar, so much in textiles.

But Madagascar is certainly less important in terms of a French investment space or as a partner and is far from where C டிte d’Ivoire or Cameron still occupy. Economic potential for many reasons, especially politics. No comparison: Madagascar is a small partner of France.

TV5 MONDE: Are there any other countries that Rajolina can trust economically?

Oliver Wally: I think Madagascar at this time has strong ties with Turkey’s Morocco. The country also has close ties with South Africa, Mauritius, India and Pakistan. Despite the large share of Chinese capital in Madagascar, it has been inserted into a country that we can call emerging economies.

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I am not quoting it, but China is really a buyer, a supplier or a seller. The current president has stepped up exchanges with China since his 2009 coup. Paris is indeed an economic partner, which we can describe as polymorphic.

TV5 MONDE: Andrei Rajolina made a name for herself in the Scattered Islands issue, but this issue seems secondary. Is this a significant change in the relationship between France and the President of Madagascan?

Oliver Wally: It is very rare for someone to walk out of a meeting saying that everything is wrong, even in any controversial matter, at the presidential level or at the diplomatic level. I think he has an obligation to say that this is not a priority, but it is a question obvious, especially since the president is weak in his country and weak in a political perspective with internal conflicts with his former allies.

In the scattered islands he could not enter into direct confrontation with Paris. But the Malagasy public opinion, which we regard as the opinion of the uneducated and helpless without national pride, will never forgive him for reclaiming the scattered islands. As for Malagasy, although it is difficult for the French to understand it, it is Alsace and Lorraine.