September 21, 2021

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Niger – US supplies vaccines to Africa

NIAMI – Niger’s Minister of Public Health Dr. Ed Ilyasso Massanassara received 151,200 doses of the vaccine at the Deori Hamani International Airport in Niamey on Wednesday, July 21, from Johnson and the US Government. Johnson aimed for the fight against Govt-19.

The Nigerian Press Agency (ANP) said the donation, part of the Kovacs facility, was the first batch of more than 300,000 pledges planned for Niger to expedite the vaccination of its population against the epidemic.

Upon receipt of the donation, Mr. Massanzara, on behalf of his country’s top officials, thanked the entire Confederation of Kovacs facility and the US government in general and especially the US government for this substantial support in the country’s efforts to fight the epidemic.

The Nigerian minister noted that many African countries are currently experiencing the third wave of COV-19, recalling that the vaccine is the only weapon to prevent its spread.

He wanted to reassure partners that these vaccines would be used wisely and that the first batch of Astra Geneca vaccines, already offered as part of Kovacs, had been fully utilized, with less than 12,000 doses remaining. Vaccine.

According to him, “This proves that the Nigerian people are beginning to understand the importance of the vaccine.”. He used the opportunity to call back the most suspicious and most reluctant to be vaccinated to protect themselves from the deadliest delta variation raging in Africa.

Earlier, Dr. Blanche Anaya, United Nations Representative in Niger, after recalling the country’s efforts in the fight against the epidemic, pointed out that further efforts should be made to achieve the immunization target by 10% of the vaccinated population by September 2021 and 30% by December 2021. Assigned to countries.

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U.S. Ambassador to Niger Eric P. According to Whittaker, the donation is a significant step forward for the Biden administration, and the vaccine is aimed at protecting the health and well – being of the Nigerian people. Economic growth.

The US diplomat announced that there would be a global alliance with the Nigerian government in the fight against Govt-19.