February 25, 2021

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Mutations threaten to trigger a third wave: wire types are already in circulation

Newer, more contagious strains of the corona virus are spreading rapidly around the world – thus putting the risk of mitigation even if events fall sharply. Experts are particularly concerned about the P1.1.7 variant and the South African variant P1.351, which were initially discovered in Great Britain.

Both are considered highly contagious; South Africa’s mutant corona is more resistant to the virus that causes vaccines. Antibodies produced by the vaccine are not as effective against the mutation as they say. However, expert expertise suggests that vaccines against mutations already approved in the EU sometimes do not provide more than 90 percent protection.

Eleven cases have been identified so far in Great Britain

Another variant of the virus has now appeared in the UK. It is primarily structured similar to the British B.1.1.7 type, known as the spike protein – the point at which the virus binds to the human cell – but is similar to the South African variant. So far, British scientists have found variations in this compound in only eleven of the more than 200,000 samples studied. More indicated Preliminary information Indicates that the sequence of the virus has changed approximately in more than one case.

Simply put: this variant is more likely to spread in the future because it provides an advantage to the virus and helps it to spread as widely as possible in the community. Vaccines against the previously known South African mutation may be less effective against them.

This is what the researchers say about the newly discovered mutation

Not surprisingly, Jonathan Stoy, a British virologist at the Francis Creek Institute, discovered the mutated virus variant. It remains to be seen whether the mutation will actually benefit the development of the new virus.

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On the other hand, his colleague Julian Tong from the University of Leicester talks about a “worrying development” that is not “completely unexpected” in his view. The virologist says that it is now very important to follow the rules of the corona and stop the spread of the virus.

Due to mutations, the third wave is now staggering

Alexander Kegule of the University of Halle-Wittenberg also emphasizes the enormous importance of the rapid vaccination process in considering the new corona variant from Great Britain. Particularly at-risk groups now need to be vaccinated as quickly as possible so that “we can defeat the virus,” explains the director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology. The Standards Vaccination Commission of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is responsible for vaccination in Germany, has not yet commented. It also offers a double corona vaccine per person.

Other mutations are widespread in Germany so far

There is no confirmed case of integrated virus mutation in Germany. Pathogenic strains B.1.1.7 and the South African variant and the most contagious viral form from Brazil meanwhile have been detected by laboratories in this country.

P.1.1.7, RKI boss Lothar Wheeler is currently the most widespread. Scientists have so far demonstrated this variation from Great Britain in 13 federal states. Their share in the number of diagnosed infections is about 5.8 percent, and the total share of mutations is 6.9 percent. Wheeler explained that virus mutations have not yet dominated Germany. But we should expect their share to continue to increase.

President: “Assume that 20% of corona infections are due to mutations”

President Angela Merkel is already talking about the spread of mutations in Germany as a whole. According to RDL and NTV, he told a CDU presidium meeting on Tuesday: “I suspect that up to 20 percent of all corona infections can now be found in mutations.” There are no official statistics to prove this so far.

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Basically, RKI said that SARS-Cowie-2 is very dangerous due to mutations. The condition is “out of control”, primarily due to the high risk of infection. At the last official press conference ahead of the federal-state summit on Friday, the RKI boss warned against the hasty easing and handling of the virus, despite the low number of cases.