September 21, 2021

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Mozambique: Rwandan forces claim to have withdrawn a key port from jihadists

# In other countries : Rwandan forces rallied last July to lend a hand to the Mozambican army in the fight against jihadists, claiming on Sunday that they had recaptured the strategic port of Mozambique da Pryo from the rebels.

“The port city of Mozambique da Priya, the main stronghold of the insurgency, has been captured by Rwandan and Mozambican security forces for more than two years,” Rwandan security forces said in a tweet.

Rwandan military spokesman Colonel Ronald Rivivanka confirmed to AFP that Mocimba da Praia had “fallen”.

The port city, which was the target of the first jihadi attack in Mozambique in October 2017, has been in rebel hands since August 12, 2020.

It became the real headquarters of the local jihadists known as al-Shabab (“young” in Arabic).

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Mocimboa da Praia “The last stronghold of the rebels”, its recovery “marks the end of the first phase of counter-insurgency operations,” said Colonel Rivivanka.

Rwanda sent 1,000 troops in early July in support of the Morambikan Armed Forces.

In early August, Rwandan forces announced that they had helped the Mozambican army regain control of Awas, a small strategic village near Mozambique da Priya, claiming the first victories.

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