September 21, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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“Morocco is a stronghold to attack Algeria,” said the MSP chief

Algerian party leaders are taking turns condemning the kingdom’s political path. Then The expulsion of Abdelkader Pengrina, The leader of the El Pina movement, and his former “brother” Abderozak Magri, secretary of the Peace Movement (MSP), are following suit.

Macri, who was invited last night by the El Platt channel to present key lines of his Islamic organization’s election plan for the June 12 assembly elections, chose to condemn the resumption of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv. “Now Morocco is a stronghold of Algeria. It has to be said clearly. This is a dangerous step in the history of the region, ”he said.

In this case, Macri and retired His call to build the Maghreb union without Morocco. “Take the example of the EU, they started with one state and then expanded it to other countries. We will build the Arab Maghreb with Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania without Morocco,” he defended the Islamist. Should come, of course, to unite the Maghreb of Macri and the irreversible leader of the Tunisian Islamists of Ennahta, Richard Ghannouchi.

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