September 21, 2021

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Morocco follows the charter of the Arab Group for Space Cooperation

The charter was signed by the Director General of the Royal Moroccan Space Remote Sensing Center, Tris al-Hadani, after which the membership was registered. The center is representative of the state within the Arab League.

“I am proud to be a founding member of the Moroccan Arab Space Cooperation Council,” said Tris al-Hadani, adding that the adoption of its basic charter is an important step towards achieving a unified regional vision.

“Today’s approval is a further indication of the strong bilateral relations between our two countries in all fields, especially in the new space frontiers,” he added.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Qasim, United Arab Emirates’ space science adviser to the UAE space agency, praised the strong bilateral relations between the two countries and welcomed Morocco’s ratification of the charter. “This charter will serve as a means of accelerating joint efforts and developing a holistic vision for the region,” he said.

Note that the Arab Space Cooperation Group is a regional organization, formed in 2019 and headed by the United Arab Emirates Space Agency. In addition to promoting space research, the Group’s mission is to coordinate regional space initiatives between the 14 member states of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Sudan. , Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Mauritania.

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