September 20, 2021

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Morocco: Alcherophobia – Magreb Online

Presented by Brahim Thou Chichet

For a few years now, our neighbor to the West has been playing his favorite national game: breaking sugar in the backyard of his neighbor’s house to the east. The east wind, the west wind, every day that God does, is not so bright news, it encompasses all evils, no matter what the countless criminals, blatant lies and slanderous attacks of our leaders and commanders.

His Majesty the media is full of jokes, unfounded accusations and not always accusations. In anger. As a prerequisite for all, the Moroccan authorities, demanding the reopening of the closed borders in 1994, regardless of their rankings, our rubbish is very awesome. If all else fails, get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Maxon’s masters – and those who do not carry us in their hearts. We will pass on the benefits they receive for the services rendered to His Majesty. The two countries are very close, but separated by a surprising disappointment in its continuation. Ah, the classic enemy! When one person makes faith and submission a rule, on the contrary, the other is always very careful about everything related to his pride. But to deal with the absurdity of the stumbling blocks, we used tricks. In the time of large groups, what could be better than combining our resources and intelligence into a less restricted structure? Early nationalists gathered in Tangier and parted ways with many promises and emotional warmth. They should be announced with great fanfare in the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU). It ignores conflicting interests and tensions and turns it into an empty shell.

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The 2008 Algiers Conference, initiated by the RCD, will issue the “Algiers Declaration”, which will be a dead letter. Currently there were 4 Maghreb parties. But the calculations of the neighbors to the West were different, because Algerian nationalists who do not understand the reversal of their “brothers” will learn bitterly. The case of Western Sahara thus brings to light all that has not been said. The policy of colonialism is trampled. It forgets Maxon’s desire to usurp the lands of others. The War of the Sands will be a painful chapter for all who have lived in their flesh, and the total disappointment of the Brotherhood who sang so. UN Mauritania will not escape this expansion hunger until the 1960s, when its sovereignty will be recognized by the system. And Algeria.

Hasan II, who did not make his first seizure, stabbed the WBU in the back and ordered the pseudo-green march in a cynical manner. His descendants will continue their mission until they cross the Rubikan with the approval of the State of Israel. Do our officials understand that this Morocco has never included in its agenda the grandeur and unity of this dreamy Macrobian ensemble? Is he too quick to go back to Europe and the West and be the adopter of their fantasies, at least to always be the masters of the game?
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Algerian evening, June 02, 2021

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