September 21, 2021

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Mohammed VI provides two Canadians to help Algeria

King Mohammed VI
King Mohammed VI

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, offers to provide two Canadians to neighbor Algeria to help this country on the border with North Africa to deal with the fire that burns Capilia.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry announced on social media that King Morocco, Mohammed VI, would fight the fire that burns Capilia, providing two Canada to help neighboring Algeria border this country on North Africa.

The King of Morocco instructed his “Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs to help Algeria fight the wildfires in Algeria as the Kingdom of Morocco becomes available. Country”, a diplomatic statement said. Anatolia.

The newspaper notes that Morocco confirms that “two Canadians were mobilized to take part in the operation, with the agreement of the Algerian authorities.” This support comes a few hours later from the Serbian Kingdom France As of this Thursday, it wants to send two Canadians to help Algeria control a series of fires in Capilia.

The plan reinforces Morocco’s desire to reunite with Algeria. In fact, King Mohammed VI seized the opportunity of the speech from the throne, saying, “The security and stability of Algeria, and the peace of its people are inherently linked to the security and stability of Algeria. Morocco.”

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