March 6, 2021

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Media dispute with Great Britain: China bans BBC World News

Status: 02/11/2021 7:41 p.m.

China has revoked its broadcasting license from British broadcaster BBC World News for allegedly broadcasting “illegal content”. Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary Rob spoke of “unacceptable restrictions on press freedom.”

China has banned British broadcaster BBC World News from broadcasting in the country due to “illegal content”. The state broadcaster said the station had violated China’s reporting guidelines. The agency will not allow BBC World News to continue to broadcast on China’s mainland, and “does not accept the new annual broadcast request.”

According to the State Film, TV and Radio Administration of China, the BBC World News reports on China were “serious” in violation of broadcasting policy. Among other things, the principle of “news must be truthful and fair” has been violated – and it must not harm China’s “national interests”.

English language BBC World News is not included in most TV offers in China, but is available in some hotels and apartments.

Media dispute between Great Britain and China

The ban was preceded by a media dispute between China and Great Britain. The British news controller Ofcom justified this with political influence by revoking the broadcasting license of the Chinese news broadcaster CGDN to the United Kingdom. The station is ultimately controlled by the Communist Party, which is illegal under British law.

China immediately accused the BBC of spreading “fake news”. There is a dispute between the two states over the move against the democratic movement in Hong Kong and the former British Crown Colony in Hong Kong. Criticisms of transactions with Uyghur minority members and security concerns against Chinese network supplier Hawaii are causing concern.

The Beijing government has repeatedly threatened to retaliate against repression of the Chinese media abroad. The BBC in China has already been cited as a potential target for sanctions from the Chinese side.

“Unacceptable Restriction on Press Freedom”

In a statement, the BBC regretted the broadcast ban. “We are disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this step,” a BBC spokesman said in an emailed statement. “The BBC is the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster, and reports stories from around the world fairly, impartially, without fear or prejudice.”

Great Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Robb also criticized the actions of the Chinese government. “The decision to ban the BBC World News in China is an unacceptable restriction on press freedom,” Rob said.

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