April 10, 2021

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Mallorca is not on vacation: British fines for overseas travel

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Private international travel is currently restricted to residents of the UK. The rule becomes law from Monday. Violations can result in higher fines.

Exhausted by the Corona lockout, German vacationers take a flight to Mallorca *, and foreign travel-related activities in Great Britain are still tightening. This rule currently applies to all islanders: “Stay at home”. From next week he will be punished by law and violated with severe fines: Then the English had to pay 5,000, which equates to, 5,800If they get stuck on overseas trips.

Corona rules in the UK: Overseas travel for Englishmen from mid-May

According to Reuters, the move will apply from early June until the end of June. The government’s previous plans to advise on international travel in April May be allowed again from May 17th, But not yet assigned. Health Secretary Matt Hankok said the fine was included in the law as it was not possible. Foreign travel is currently restricted to islanders. The only exceptions are staying with a valid cause such as business trips or training related trips. Hancock said the government would reconsider the issue of foreign travel on April 12.

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The British have no trips abroad: the expert advises on vacation in their own country

“A lot of people want to know what’s going on over the holidays and I know there’s a lot of interest and curiosity,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a BBC news conference. This time, however, it is still “too early” to set new rules for overseas travel in the summer. Neil Ferguson, a government adviser and epidemiologist at Imperial College London, told BBC Radio 4 that border operations should be relaxed more slowly than domestic restrictions: “I think we are conservative and opposed to risk if we are to take our summer vacation.” Do not plan to travel abroad in Great Britain. “He also takes a critical view of the exceptions that currently apply to overseas travel, and wants a mandatory corona test for all travelers.

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In Germany, however, there are central and state governments Travel restrictions on speeding to Mallorca have been tightened slightly – Returnees must undergo a mandatory corona examination. However, there is no real travel ban, not even for high incidence or virus variation areas. (fk) * Merkur.de is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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