October 19, 2021

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Mali: Six years later, the Algiers contracts have failed

The fact that Bamako will manage to calm the tone with the Dwarka rebels is certainly not thanks to the eastern neighbors, and the threat of a resumption of arms has not been hidden.

Everyone remembers the small horse route taken by Algerian diplomacy in the North-Mali conflict in the mid-2010s, including the dismissal of other mediators, including Morocco, and the imposition of its Algiers-Car deals. Fines, they are his own fighters themselves. Six years after these agreements were signed – in 2015 – there has been a relentless onslaught of failure, and even the resumption of conflict is said to be apparent in the pipeline.

No one certainly likes it, but it’s the conclusion that we can at least draw from the June 20, 2021 exit of the Coalition of Assamese Movements (CMA) representing the former rebels. “The results are not satisfactory,” said CMA spokesman Mouloud Old Ramadan. The latter, in detail, brought the hat to the new Malian administrator created on June 7, 2021, following a conspiracy hatched two weeks ago by Colonel Azimi Costa – “the fault lies with the government”, especially Mr. Old Ramadan; To many visitors, the worm was already in the fruit, with Algiers deals.

Treasonous groups
“If these agreements had been made in terms, if they had really been a consensus, to speak, if they had been imposed, we would not be in talks like this today,” analyzes a West African diplomatic source quoting a June public speech. 4, 2021 New Malian Prime Minister Sokuel Gokalla Maga suggests that the Algiers agreements are contrary to “the basic interests of the Malian people” – he has always been brutal before taking office. , Against them.

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Our source continues: “It is an open secret that Algiers has left only two choices for the IPK (Malian President Ibrahim Bakr Geeta, editor, removed by Colonel Costa in August 2018) , Because everyone knows the jihadi groups of the Algerian capital at the time, especially with Ansar Dine.

At that time Algeria’s aim was, in fact, to establish itself as a regional power above all else, especially at the expense of Morocco, the main Tuareg leaders, who returned as secretary. The National Movement for the Liberation of Assad (MLNA) was received by Bilal Akhsherif at the end of January 2014 at the palace of King Mohammed VI at Marachis, or Rawalpindi by the High Council for the Unification of Assad (HCUA). Chairman. Agh Atahar was admitted to the Army Hospital in Rabat for several months before dying in December 2014.

This is because these leaders were the first to know about the complex game of the neighbors to the East. For his part, Mr. Geeta, the sovereign wanted to participate in his investment in September 2013, on this occasion was mentioned by a widely commented speech. Algeria, President Abdelmadjit Deboun promised in October 2020 that “this is the only country that knows Mali well”, however, we have not tasted, and we see the result.