September 21, 2021

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Madagascar reiterates its support for the Sahara in Morocco

Malagasy Foreign Minister Patrick Rajolina on Tuesday reiterated his country’s support for sovereignty over Morocco’s Sahara. The situation in Madagascar will not change. HM within the framework of Morocco’s regional claim in the Sahara. This is full support for King Mohammed VI, “said Malakasi Diplomats, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Medef, a group of Moroccan corporations (CGEM) led by its chairman Zakib Alge during the first meeting of Francophone entrepreneurs organized by French employers. “Personally, I myself have been to Lyon many times and I am well aware of this area which is part of the Moroccan National Area,” he said.

Strengthening bilateral relations with Morocco

Malagasy Foreign Minister Patrick Rajolina expressed his desire to “strengthen bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Morocco in the expansion of this fraternal friendship that began with the unfortunate deportation of the late SM Mohammed V in the 1950s.” “There is no reason why they should not be implemented because there is a will on both sides: the institutional will of the Moroccan bosses and the institutional will of the President of the Republic of Madagascar,” said the head of Malagasy diplomacy.

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