April 10, 2021

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Lafroyke sent British orders from Berlin to Great Britain

We traveled twice this month about the changes and difficulties in the whiskey trade Post Brexit Report the situation. Today we can add another chapter:

Steve Atkins from Buckinghamshire wanted to give his Glasgow friend a bottle of Laproic for his birthday. He ordered it online in Isla – as usual, thousands of times before him by other customers in the same way. However, a month later, his friend still had a bottle and no news of where it would be for him. So Steve Atkins sent an email to the Prestige distributor of choice. He responded immediately and cited Brexit for the long delay:

“As professionals (against the people who implemented Brexit) we know what we do. We ship thousands of packages every year to all kinds of countries. No other country sees such confusion in imports as we do in the UK today.
It’s really unfortunate, at least, to say, that Lafroych was carrying a load of Scotch whiskey on board from Germany to England. However, this decision is not ours, but the brand. “

What happened? Laproyk relocated its European shipping base to Germany in 2018. Orders from Great Britain are currently being shipped from here. This means that a bottle ordered online in Israel will be shipped from Berlin to Glasgow. Of course this means that these parcels are currently subject to customs regulations in effect from January 1, 2021 (which we have already reported). Of course all of this will take longer than the periods of British EU membership.

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As a Laproyke spokesman put it, Laproyke has addressed the issue. Starting this week, UK customers will receive their orders from the UK warehouse.