September 21, 2021

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Justice demands the identity of the party that recognized the vacancy to leave the country

Following the identification of former Foreign Minister Camilo Villarino, Judge Rafael Lazzala has taken his new step as the person who exempted Brahim Khali on April 18 from customs control at the Zaragoza airport. Investigation

From now on, he will leave Spanish territory on a plane owned by a French company and order Algeria to find out which party or parties recognized the head of the police, ECD stands for Online Release.

Further, the judge granted a five-day reprieve to the brigade of foreigners and borders under the police system of the Navarre region. June 2 From Pamplona-Noin Airport. Rafael LaSalle wants to know if the police chief used a passport in his name when he left Spain.

For recording, after his virtual trial, from 1There is In June, through a national hearing, Judge Santiago Petras concluded that Brahim could be vacated Return to Algeria without any problems.

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