September 21, 2021

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Israeli researchers have discovered the promising Covid-19 drug, H24info

Israeli researchers have found that phenofibrate is effective in combating Govt-19. Fifteen patients on ventilators given this lipid-lowering agent were able to leave the hospital within ten days of the test.

The drug, which is sold under many brand names, is the 73rd drug to be prescribed in the United States. It is primarily designed to reduce fats called triglycerides, which is the most common type of fat we read about today. Times of Israel.

Fenofibrate is thus activated Within ten days of this first clinical trial, 15 patients on a ventilator at Barcelona Medical Center in Ashkillon were discharged from the hospital with Covit-19. Israeli researchers have found a drop in inflammation levels in these sick patients.

“We saw it work,” Yakov Nahmias, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told the Israeli news agency. “It’s very promising, especially since it’s a very cheap generic drug with fewer side effects.”

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“We monitored patients very closely and took samples every day, and we followed dramatically declining inflammatory and immune responses,” Nahmias said. “Both have created confidence.”

Already at the onset of the epidemic, U.S.A research team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem believes that phenofibrate Covit-19 may help patients by observing the results of in vitro studies.

Last December, Professor Nahmias, who heads the Cross Center for Bioengineering at the University of Hebrew, said those who took phenofibrate for its lipid-lowering properties had “amazing” results compared to other fat patients.

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