October 19, 2021

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Israel attacks Hamas bases in Gaza

Israel carried out airstrikes on Hamas targets throughout the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening. In fact, the Israeli air force claimed that Hamas’ rocket launchers and military bases had been launched by fire balloons for the third day in a row. From that point on, the goal was to retaliate. Israel has further threatened to launch a new campaign if the balloon attacks continue.

« The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center. The IDF said in a statement. The army chief was preparing to resume fighting for the IDF. ” Earlier in the evening, the Commander-in-Chief conducted a situational assessment in which he ordered the IDF to prepare for high-level readiness and various scenes, including updated combat. Responded to continued terrorist activities from the Gaza Strip ”, IDF According to the Israeli Fire and Rescue Service, firefighting equipment was launched in southern Israel on Thursday with at least four fires and 26 helicopters launched from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

In another story, according to the Palestinian media, the Israeli strike targeted a Hamas-controlled building in the Gaza city of Beit Lahia. Additional strikes have been reported in the six-storey Hamas administration building in northern Gaza, the Hamas base near Khan Younis, a base near the city of Gaza, and agricultural fields in southern Gaza that hold underground rocket launchers. There were no immediate reports of injuries to Palestinians. For its part, the IDF confirmed the strikes, which included a launch site near various Hamas bases in Khan Younis and the strip.

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This is the second attack on the Gaza Strip since the signing of the ceasefire agreement. In the first day after the fire, Israel launched retaliatory strikes against two Hamas positions, but avoided doing so on Wednesday after Hamas promised to stop the attacks from Egyptian mediators. In order to avoid a new conflict. For its part, the balloons are one, “said Hamas Fair popular action against Israel and should not be considered a violation of the ceasefire .

But Israel rejects such claims and aims to force Hamas to reconsider the value of its balloon attacks. Moreover, tonight’s response has been much larger and more violent than it was earlier this week, according to Israel, in response to similar airstrikes, since the Palestinians began to use the tactic. The Israeli attacks were also aimed at violating Hamas’ wishes. It said Hamas was responsible for all the violence in the Gaza Strip. Will continue to destroy the capabilities and infrastructure of the terrorist group .