October 19, 2021

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Investigation. Here is the truth of the Moroccan $ 3.3 billion project in Niamey

We can see more clearly now This Nigerian project requires a huge investment (3 3.3 billion) and handed over to the Moroccan team Ymmy. Maddias24 had access to some documents.

This is actually a memorandum of understanding, i.e. a pre-agreement on key policies, under which the city of Niamey will make 1,050 hectares of land available to the Moroccan promoter and its allies. In return, the latter seeks to find funding and execute the plan.

In other words, Funds have not yet been raised.

Contacting us, Foss Cheney Usmana, Chief Technical Adviser on Public Affairs of the Mayor and City Council of Niamey (Omaru Mouni Tokari), explains to us the agreements with the companies involved in these projects Not yet signed They are only in the arena Of the Memorandum of Understanding Signed July 3, 2021.

“Signing of contracts is scheduled for less than a year,” our source said before mentioning that the projects will be carried out in the form of Built Operate Transfer (BOT), viz. A concession agreement.

Thus, the city of Niamey will keep Available land The latter will be implemented by the Ymmy Finance Holding Group Five projects. Our evidence assures us That’s five projects As Ahmed Lotfi previously informed city officials, not six, According to AFP.

“When we joined the group, Ymmy Finance Holding Was already in advanced negotiations With our pioneers on five projects planned. So, we had to discuss some clauses with the committee, ”explains the technical adviser, noting that April 28, 2021 is the date on which the new local officers will take office.

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Medias 24 was able to access the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the construction of a new city on the northern suburbs of Niamey, covering an area of ​​1,050 hectares. First impression, a lot of Moroccans are involved.

Ymmy Finance Holding est On the topic of a federation Also created Agamine, A Moroccan company specializing in the solar industry already operating overseas His website (Tunisia, Senegal, Oman, Japan ..) Two more companies “SY” and “EPK”.

Do you know these last two companies? The response received was “I could not answer you, our official partner is the Ymmy fundraising team”.

This federation will be thus Project Advertiser Investor, Initiator and Contract Authority.

Taib Benrahman of Morocco is the architect and project manager of Niamey’s New Town Plan. The latter is behind the project “Grand Bazaar” In Kenitra. The 10-hectare project includes a gas station, a mosque, a school and a nursery.

You can read the memorandum of understanding with Home Production Limited Sovereign Investment Fund of the Emirate of Qatar, Is responsible for setting up the funding of the project.

Pvt Services Group Is a consulting and engineering firm that supports the architect in running the project. According to information gathered, the company is a small company based in California, USA.

Finally, IGF Immo Team, Another Moroccan company is the contracted contract authority. The company moved to the same address as Ymmy Holding Group, Created in 2018 by Ahmed Lodfi, Director of Ymmy Finance Holding And specializes in real estate development.

Regarding Project finance, Charter HCP London, a consulting firm for the search, assembly and structure of the Advertising Funding Fund, was contacted and was able to obtain Agreement between Qatari Sovereign Investment Fund QIA and National Standard Finance, a US financial institution“Can you read the Nigerian document we discussed? So funding will be available if we trust this information by these two donors.

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Charter is HCP A small financial institution London specializing in credit and equity finance services. The company plans and stabilizes construction and development projects SiteHas managed to raise funds for projects of all sizes, from “investments over 5 million to investments over 300 million”. “

According to our information, “Ymmy Finance Holding Limited” Limited Liability Company was formed in London by Ahmed Lodfi. With a capital of அன்று 5,000,000 on November 24, 2020. The document states that this capital has not been released.

“Prior to the arrival of these Moroccan allies, the Moroccan Ambassador to Niger (Tayyip Raouf) had resumed cooperation and before the arrival of the Moroccan businessmen,” underlined our source.

The case to follow.

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True test. Morocco invests $ 3.3 billion in Niamey?

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