September 21, 2021

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Integrated Moroccan-American Exercise “African Lion 2021”, June 07-18 (FAR Public Servants)

Integrated Moroccan-American Exercise “African Lion 2021”, June 7-18 (FAR Public Servants)

Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 12:29 p.m.

Rabat – The Moroccan-American integrated “African Lion 2021” will be held in the regions from June 07 to 18, 2021, at the high command of His Majesty the King, the Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces and Commander-in-Chief of the Civil Service. Agadir, Diffnit, Don Tan, Mehbs, Tafraud, Ben Queer and Conitra, which have thousands of international fighters and a very large number of land, air and sea equipment.

In addition to the United States and the Kingdom of Morocco, the 17th edition of the exercise will feature allies in Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands, Italy and the Atlantic. Royal Armed Forces (FAR) general staff on Saturday provided a communication to military observers from about thirty countries representing Africa, Europe and the United States.

Considered one of the most important integrated exercises in the world, the objectives of this training are numerous: to strengthen the maneuverability of the participating sections; Coordinating the platform among participants in planning and conducting joint activities within the framework of the alliance; Complementing tactics, techniques and procedures; Develop cyber security capabilities, training air components to carry out combat, support and air refueling operations; Strengthening cooperation in the field of maritime security; Conducting exercises at sea and conducting humanitarian operations in the field of naval tactics and routine combat, the same source said.

This includes training and simulation of operations in command operations to combat violent terrorist organizations, land, air, air, sea and CPRN (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) decontamination exercises.

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In addition, as part of parallel humanitarian operations, a field medical-surgical hospital will be set up in Amlen (Duffwood), where medical and surgical services will be provided by medical teams for the benefit of regional and local people. Physicians and nurses of the FAR and the U.S. Army, as well as civil servants.

“African Lion 2021” is one of the key exercises jointly organized by the United States Command for Africa (Africa) and the Royal Armed Forces, aimed at coordinating the level of cooperation and training as an international joint exercise. Their full operational potential can be achieved by enhancing the platform and encouraging the exchange of experience and knowledge between different military components.