September 20, 2021

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Infections, Discussion on Vaccine Passport: Ship passengers are already in trouble

Infections, Discussion on Vaccine Passport: Ship passengers are already in trouble

Shipwrecks preparing to set sail in the United States are already sailing in the troubled waters of some local authorities who say they need proof of vaccination, and the Covid-19 cases appeared during one of the first voyages.

Two people tested positive for Covit-19 at Celebrity Millennium on Thursday, one of the first ships to sail since the outbreak, despite a crew and passengers being vaccinated.

The situation in Florida, the world’s shipping capital, is particularly crystallized.

For now, the CDC, America’s leading public health agency, is required to vaccinate 95% of passengers and crew on the trip.

But Florida Republican Gov. Ron Desantis is against it.

He passed a law last month banning businesses and businesses in the bustling state from issuing “vaccine passports” to their customers and employees – with a $ 5,000 fine for a single passenger.

The move is due to take effect on July 1, while shipping routes are expected to resume operations from the United States after a gap of more than a year.

Critics of the governor see this as a political decision aimed at attracting the admiration of supporters of former President Donald Trump – many of whom are reluctant to vaccinate and are seen as killing freedom.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the travel lines in the Florida economy generate $ 9 billion in revenue and 160,000 jobs. Danger in search of new home ports.

Since the disruption of these cruises in March 2020, Florida’s deficit has been estimated at $ 5.6 billion.

Judge Doug Parker of Cruise Radio said both parties “have a lot to lose.”

– 3 Travel Lines, 3 Solutions –

All three businesses are based in Miami and promise to deliver months of chaos – or conflict – in the coming months.

The Carnival Cruise Line is demanding vaccinations for its boarders – another Republican has quickly dropped its anti-Govt measures – but has not yet made public the demands for a voyage of departure. Miami is scheduled for July 4th.

On Monday, the Norwegian Cruise Line – which threatened to abandon Florida as its own port – challenged the state governor and announced it would ask for proof of vaccination for all its voyages.

“We are currently in contact with the (Governor’s) team and lawyers to ensure that we can provide safe travel for passengers departing from the world’s shipping capital,” said his CEO, Frank del Rio.

A third heavyweight in the industry, the Royal Caribbean, faced Covit-19 cases on Thursday, meanwhile back-pedaling and announcing somewhat vague guidelines: after initially announcing the need for vaccine proof of their travels, the team said last week that passengers and crew were “strongly encouraged” to vaccinate. And anyone who does not do so will be exposed to “other ethics”.

According to AFP maritime lawyer Jim Walker, despite the passengers, these different rules are often confusing in favor of proving the vaccine.

The author of the Cruise Law News blog also fears that trips carrying non-traveling persons will be halted as vaccine access to ports in the Caribbean is highly restricted.

But “very few travel lines express concern about this issue,” the lawyer says.

He laments that ship enthusiasts “don’t seem to care much about hurting people in the Bahamas or the Caribbean.”

“It simply came to our notice then. “

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