September 21, 2021

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In Brazil, the church was once again plagued by a sexual scandal

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After three years of investigation into alleged sexual abuse in Brazil, a bishop has finally tendered his resignation. The Vatican accepted the resignation this week.

With our correspondent in Sao Paulo, Martin Bernard

The National Conference of Brazilian Bishops commented without commenting on the saint’s decision. Tome Ferreira da Silva is the bishop of Sவோo Jos de Rio Prieto in the interior of the state of Sவ்o Paulo. His successor, appointed by the Vatican, asked the faithful to pray for him.

Bishop Domay, 60, is already under investigation by the Vatican. He was suspected of involvement in a sexual scandal and he imposed the law of silence in his diocese, where he served for nearly ten years. Following the dissemination of the compromise video on social media, the cleric offered his resignation.

Persistent pedophilia cases

The Brazilian Catholic Church is occasionally shaken by such scandals. Two years ago, another bishop of the interior of the state of Sவோo Paulo resigned for not condemning pedophilia. He was also charged with financial fraud.

Earlier this year, Archbishop Belm of Amazon was charged with four counts of sexual assault.

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