September 21, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Hong Kong police raided the Tiananmen Museum

Hong Kong police on Thursday raided a museum dedicated to the Tiananmen repression in 1989, the day after the arrest of four members of the association responsible for the site.

Security forces responsible for enforcing the strict National Security Act searched the building in June, forcing authorities to close its doors.

In the afternoon, police seized various items on display at the museum, including its logo, a paper model of the democratic deity – the identity of the 1989 student movement in Beijing – and photos of the awareness. Organized by the Hong Kong Alliance. About 36 boxes were loaded into one truck.

The union is at the crossroads of officials responsible for enforcing the National Security Act imposed by Beijing last year in Hong Kong to quell all protests after the biggest pro-democracy protests of 2019.

The search comes the day after lawyer and coalition vice-president Zhou Hong-dong and three of its members were arrested and detained for failing to provide information on national security law.


He was ordered by police last month to hand over financial and operational information to the coalition, which he accused of being a “foreign agent.”

The association has chosen to ignore this request, which includes its personal details of all its members since its inception in 1989, all meeting minutes and financial statements, and all transactions with NGOs defending democracy and human rights in China.

On Tuesday, the deadline for responding to these demands was that Coalition members issued a letter explaining that the request was illegal and arbitrary and that no evidence of violation had been provided.

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In another case, 12 pro-democracy activists appeared when police raided the museum on Thursday.

Among them, Coalition Vice President Albert Ho, pleaded guilty to participating in an unauthorized meeting during an awareness campaign on June 4, 2020, which has been banned by authorities since 1990.

He dismissed allegations that members of the coalition were foreign agents, a coalition formed by Hong Kong Democratic Associations that supports pro-democracy protesters in Beijing.