September 21, 2021

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Guinea: Innovators waiting for the summit of the regional organization ECOWAS

Guinea: Innovators waiting for the summit of the regional organization ECOWAS

The militants ended their occupation of Guinea on Tuesday ahead of an extraordinary summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) dedicated to the plot against President Alpha Conte.

The soldiers, led by Special Forces chief Lt. Col. Mamadi Dumbboya, promised to release the ousted president’s opponents as soon as possible and to initiate a national “consultation” to define the means of political change. This poor West African country with significant mineral resources.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Lieutenant-Colonel Dumboy said in a tweet that the “national unity” that would lead to this change would be for the future government.

ECOWAS, already acquiring Lightning and Mr. on Sunday.

Following a similar situation in neighboring Mali in August 2020, the ECOWAS military imposed sanctions mainly against the economy until it was on the path of change for 18 months.

A delegation led by ECOWAS mediators to Mali in the crisis, former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, on Tuesday expressed concern over the delays in the deadline, “expressing concern about the lack of measures to effectively prepare the electoral process.”

– “Guaranteed Interest” –

The apparent apolitical rule of Alpha Conte’s more than ten years in Guinea has provoked widespread international condemnation, especially from the African Union (AU) on Monday. Conte’s “immediate release” and “return to constitutional order.”

Special forces say they want to put an end to “financial abuse” and “trampling on the rights of citizens” and return “politics to the people.”

They dissolved the government and the institutions and Mr. Conte rescinded the constitution adopted in 2020.

No deaths related to Butch have been officially announced. But the Guinean media reports that ten to twenty people have died in the line of presidential forces, reports that cannot be verified due to lack of access to hospitals.

According to the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russia wants law firms in “Guinea” to be re-established soon.

“In any case, we expect our businesses and our companies to not be harmed and their interests to be guaranteed,” the spokesman said.

Russian aluminum company Russell is in Guinea, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bauxite, a key ore for aluminum production.

Lieutenant-Colonel Tamboya on Monday pledged to respect all economic and mining agreements and “encourage foreign investment.”

– “Creating a Peaceful Democracy” –

After several months of political and socio-economic crisis aggravated by the Govt-19 epidemic, the coup sparked an explosion of joy in Conakry, where many residents cheered the soldiers on, freedom, liberty! “.

Lt. Col. Dumbboya instructed the Ministry of Justice to “liaise with the public prosecutor’s office, prison administration and prosecutors to carry out an in-depth analysis to release the file of political prisoners in the best possible way.”

The National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), a coalition of political movements and civil society, led the struggle against the Third Term, calling on the people to go and welcome its members who are due to be released on Monday. According to it, but who has not yet been released.

Mr. The opposition coalition, led by Conte’s main rival, former Prime Minister Cello Dale Diallo, has backed a new military force “in an effort to build a peaceful democracy.”

The National Coalition for Change and Democracy (AND) “urges the CNRT to establish institutions capable of implementing reforms that will enable the country to quickly establish national reconciliation and the rule of law in its priority responsibilities.” Mr. For a press release read by Diallo.

In addition, on Monday Mr. Diallo’s party regained access to its headquarters and offices in the suburbs, where he was a staunch supporter of Mr.

The army imposed a curfew and closed the border before announcing its reopening on Monday.

They promised to remove the mixed army / gendermary / police stations installed in the main axes of the capital by the Conte regime from Tuesday.

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