April 10, 2021

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Great Britain wants the opportunity to seek asylum

London. Great Britain wants opportunities for asylum seekers depending on how they entered the country in the future. Home Secretary Priti Patel announced in London on Wednesday that it was “the most significant change in our immigration system for decades.” Under the plans, persons entering the UK illegally should not have the same opportunities for asylum seekers entering the country through legal procedures. Brexit – A new, point-based immigration system has been in place since the end of freedom of movement for EU citizens.

With his reforms, Patel wants to stop crossing the English Channel so that more than 8,000 people came to the island by sea last year alone. Often refugees from France travel to Great Britain in small, unsafe rubber dinghies – in which people are repeatedly killed. “To prevent these deaths, we must stop the human crafts that cause them,” Patel said.

Immigrants must be in asylum centers outside the country

The Conservative politician has repeatedly drawn attention in the past few months to considering brutal actions such as coastal warships. Aid agencies have criticized the new plans as “inhumane” and a two-tier system of asylum law.

Patel also confirmed that he would like to send asylum seekers in the UK to asylum centers outside the country until the asylum application is approved. In previous media reports, for example, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man was discussed, and now EU countries are also being discussed. In an interview with the BBC, Patel said he had a “moral obligation” to take people.

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