April 10, 2021

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Great Britain: The monarchy must renew itself – opinion

Now the queen has spoken – but does the queen have the last word? In the wake of the British government’s tragedy over the state and future of the monarchy, the leader declares the analysis of the traitorous grandson and his American wife presented in an interview with Oprah Winfrey as a family affair. In 64 polished words, Queen Elizabeth II shows empathy for the couple’s concerns and needs. But thanks to the summary of his message, he also says what he thinks about a controversy in front of tens of thousands of viewers: too little.

This is because it is not just about potential racist statements, psychological terrorism and behavioral issues in the family circle. The British monarchy has always been aware of these family conflicts and their existence and the contemporary adaptation of the feudal system – the question of whether state coincidence can ultimately determine who will be the head of state.

The question is reasonable because the question is unsatisfactory: how to reform a company that has relied on millennial history? The monarchy cannot be destroyed as easily as its enemies want. At its core, however, it remains a paradox: a state can submit to an idea, but not to a person born as a leader.

Now Megan, Duchess of Sussex, has taken this synchronicity to the present, which feels very different from the reality that her late mother-in-law Diana had to experience. Those who question the monarchy today do so during extraordinary tensions in Britain. Brexit divided the country into two camps, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland flirting with secession more than ever. Members of the Commonwealth preside over elections with the elected president over the abandonment of the crown and contemporary constitutional constructions.

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Harry and Megan have shaken up the constitutional background

Britain, too, as a colonial power, is compelled to capture the complexities of a past glorified. Understanding integration, racism and history includes this modernization list and an understanding of the state and above all the monarchy-based class. Government construction in its title with the Queen confronts the understanding of modernity. If Elizabeth is not there one day, construction may collapse.

This is the constitutional background that Meghan and Harry were shocked by with their interview. The background can still withstand the storm. But it remains a background. The new building cannot be built by the family living in it. It is up to the British electorate and their elected representatives.