February 25, 2021

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Great Britain / Ten years imprisonment for dishonest returnees and other absurdities – but vaccinations are ongoing

The British corona has policy contradictions. While the vaccination program is running like clockwork, they now want to severely punish those who return.

The cell shows two prisoners exchanging experiences. “Are you sitting because of Morocco? Got ten years on vacation in Cape Town. “

Renowned cartoonist Matthew (“Matt”) Bridget caught his caricature on the cover Daily Telegraph The mood of the nation. The British response this week to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government’s recent announcement was ridiculous and cynical: anyone who conceals his recent stay in 33 Corona-affected countries, including South Africa, Morocco and Portugal, faces up to 10 years in prison.

Former Constitutional Judge Jonathan Champan likened the Portuguese travel false sentence to the most severe punishment or death threats against minors: Health Minister Matthew Hancock has “finally lost touch with reality”.

Strict notice is contrary to previous practice. At the start of the epidemic, Britain allowed people from all over the world to enter completely uncontrolled for months. Then there were the strict instructions, but the demands for self-isolation were rarely verified. From Monday, travelers from troubled countries will have to spend ten days in hotel rooms and pay the equivalent of 1,995 Swiss francs. People from Central Europe are allowed to organize the isolation in person, but in addition to the negative test before the trip, they must complete a test of two-day and eight-day self-isolation and pay for it.

From one intensity to another – over and over again

As with travel regulations, in the fight against SARS-Cowie-2, the government falls or contradicts from one extreme to another in many areas, often within 24 hours. English schools were supposed to open on January 4 after the Christmas break, closed the next day, and now they will be closed until March 8. Hancock has already booked his summer vacation (in Cornwall, of course), Johnson advises against bookings. Although there is now “no time” for a full investigation into some of the catastrophic mistakes of the past year, Hancock’s ministry is planning a long-term reform of the NHS National Health Organization in the midst of the epidemic. Corrects the serious shortcomings of the restructuring of the health system that was pushed in 2012 by conservatives against the advice of planned restructuring experts.

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According to ONS statistics, the country now complains of more than 125,000 corona deaths, of which tens of thousands of retirement and nursing home residents are on the second wave. 1,686 Govt-19 patients per million population died by Wednesday (Germany 765, Austria 900, Switzerland 1,118, Luxembourg 952); Across Europe, only Belgium and Slovenia had the highest proportion of deaths. The new infection rate was recently 191 per 100,000 population.

Meanwhile, the vaccination plan is more or less correct. This week, fresh snow and black ice generally did not come to the centers concerned with the enthusiasm of technology enthusiasts in the UK. It includes major medical practices and plain horse racing tracks, cathedrals, mosques and museums. Retirement and nursing home residents and those over 70 and over 60 are now gaining their immunity in many places.

As of Wednesday, a total of 17.1 million islanders had little nonsense behind them – and the pride that “the whole EU has been vaccinated more people than ever before” did not go unnoticed by any ministerial statement from time to time. Earlier this week, Premier Johnson announced the purchase of another 50 million cans from the German company Kyrwak, whose serum is currently undergoing medical tests.