April 10, 2021

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Great Britain: Recycling in English: Phone booths become libraries and espresso bars

Rejected phone boxes can be accepted in the UK. Their second life is often strange: they function as a library, recovery center and espresso bar.

Once released from duty to work, there are people who do bizarre things, for example, raise barefoot in Kilimanjaro to name a casual example. But it also applies to things. What they are, what is possible with them, often they no longer have to do anything, but are allowed to do everything, in other words: no more practical control. This takes us to the topic: Phone booths. Originally built for one purpose only: Calls. But they are no longer needed because most people carry their phones with them all the time. So the number of telephone booths is declining globally.

The UK telephone exchange was transformed into an ambulance

In England But the famous red phone booth enjoys something like a second spring. Lastly everything is free: bookcase, espresso bar, ice cream parlor, mini museum, information center or a recovery center with a built-in defibrillator. For a pound, municipalities and associations can “adopt” one of the places of worship. Of course you have to take care of it properly. So far 6,600 cells have been refurbished, according to British Telecom. On Monday he announced the release of another 4,000 in a new crazy life.

The red phone booth was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. He modeled the roof with the classic dome in the tomb of fellow architect Sir John Sone. Now there is almost wild activity under some domes, even a pub has already been set up. Bitter paradox: Some homes also act as charging stations for smartphones. Since you no longer expect this, the best surprise is this: again and again you can come to the phone booths and make calls.

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