March 6, 2021

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Great Britain: Premature baby weighs only 490 grams

“Very small and fragile”

For three long years, Emily Rospov and her partner Samantha Hughes tried to conceive with the help of artificial insemination. Then came the long-awaited message from the gynecologist: it worked! Emily and Samantha are parents from Hitchcock, England. But according to the “Mirror” report, the birth goes much different than the two women dreamed. Her youngest daughter is due to be born in the 27th week of pregnancy. Arla-May weighs only 490 grams, less than two pockets of butter. The little girl was the only one who survived because the doctors put her in a sandwich bag.

Emily Rospo (30) had a normal pregnancy. Until that day in the 27th week when doctors diagnosed placental insufficiency. An absolute emergency, because your unborn baby no longer has enough oxygen in the womb. Doctors must operate through an emergency caesarean and bring the little girl into the world – 13 weeks before the expected date. “We were asked so many times to prepare for the worst, she could not make it,” Emily tells Mirror.

His little Arla-May’s birth was an emotional roller coaster ride for the 30-year-old and his partner Samantha. The little girl will see daylight on January 27, 2021 surrounded by countless doctors and obstetricians. But it did not breathe. Doctors are fighting for the life of a premature baby. Emily was not even allowed to see her daughter before she was taken to the resurrection room. Emily recalled, “Even though I was told her chances were slim, I had a positive attitude and hoped she would do it.”

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Arla-May fights for his life

When the baby was born 13 weeks ago, she was smaller than her mother’s arm and weighed 490 grams. Doctors took extraordinary action to keep Orla-Maya alive outside the womb: they put the newborn baby in a sandwich bag. Plastic should help maintain the body temperature of the premature baby. “It was scary to see her there,” says the 30-year-old mother. They had never heard of this method used by doctors in favor of a daughter. But the main thing is that Arla-May is still alive despite being called the “sandwich-cone baby”.

About three weeks after the dramatic birth, the premature baby is growing better than expected, contrary to the expectations of the treating doctors. Meanwhile, Arla-May has earned even a little. Her mothers Samantha and Emily are on the 24/7 side of Luton and Dunstable Hospital in Luton, England. They hold her hand and let her know that there are two people by her side who firmly believe in her and her healthy growth. Emily Rosbo knew, “We have a long way to go, but I pray every day that Arla-May grow and stay strong.” Because, unfortunately, Arla-May’s mothers are not allowed to fool her. But if Arla-May continues to struggle in her life as she has in the past few days, this magical moment for two brave mothers will soon become a reality.