April 10, 2021

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Great Britain postpones import restrictions on EU goods for six months Nார்rnberger flat

Government in London
Government in London

Great Britain postpones import restrictions on goods from the European Union for half a year. The London-based government said on Thursday it was responding to concerns about the economy facing unprecedented challenges from the corona epidemic. Brexit Minister David Frost said importers should be given more time to “get back on their feet” before the new regulations gradually come into force from October.

Great Britain withdrew from the EU Internal Market and Customs on 1 January. Unlike the EU, London offered a step-by-step plan to introduce new import regulations. Implementation of personal actions has now been postponed for six months.

The new rules for importing products of animal origin will not come into force until October. Full tariff controls are expected to be introduced in early 2021, while restrictions on live animal and plant products are not planned until March 2022.

British companies complained of difficulties in trading with the EU earlier this year. Trade levels returned to “normal” levels in February, according to the British government.

Contrary to the interim rules for the import of British goods into Northern Ireland, London recently unilaterally decided and provoked protests on the part of the EU that import restrictions on British soil were entirely British responsibility.

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