February 25, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Great Britain: Mountain rescuers must save corona trippers, can no longer walk

It has been locked in the UK since February 6 and corona infection. Strict corona measures apply, including banning unwanted travel. The English are encouraged to come around only in the local area.

But two men from Leicester and Liverpool are ignoring these rules and heading for a camp trip to Lake District, a national park in northwest England. During the trip, one of the two suddenly felt bad. He fears an impending heart attack. Both dial the emergency number,Guardian“Report.

The campers pay a fine of 200 200 and the mountain rescuers will never walk again

Mountain rescuers are coming quickly. It was already night and very cold, and even the rescue team’s oxygen bottles were frozen. Chris Lewis, one of the suddenly rescued, slips away. He fell 150 meters on a steep slope and sustained serious injuries to his spine and several facial fractures. Tragic result: The Guardian reports that a 60-year-old retired engineer can never walk. He is currently in a clinic and receiving treatment.

Camper also came to the hospital. However, he was able to recover quickly. He and his accomplice were fined $ 200.

According to Louis, more than ,000 250,000 (approximately 7 287,000) has already been donated. “Just giving“Collected. Anyone who wants to help can do it here.

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