April 10, 2021

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Great Britain: Moderna vaccine from April | Abroad

Great Britain – The British government wants to continue its successful course against the corona virus by using another vaccine.

The first distribution of the pharmaceutical company Moderna is expected in April, he told the BBC on Sunday with cabinet member Oliver Dow. This is the third vaccine used in the UK. To date, more than 30 million adults – 57 percent – have received the first dose nationwide.

The controversy with the EU over reports of supply problems from India and the export of vaccines has recently raised concerns in the UK that the country could lose its ambitious goal of delivering the first dose to all adults by the end of July. The UK is currently in talks with the European Union over vaccine exports. The EU is forcing manufacturers to approve their exports. So there is great concern in London that the EU may ban all exports to the island in the future.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will stick to the planned start-up curriculum despite recent distribution issues. “From today’s perspective, I can not read anything from the data that will prevent us from continuing our path to freedom, opening up our economy and returning to the life we ​​want,” Johnson told fellow members at an online conference.

As a next step, from this Monday, meetings of two houses or up to six people in the open will again be allowed in most parts of the UK. Non-essential shops and outdoor restaurants are then scheduled to open on April 12th.

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He’s looking forward to going to the hairdresser, “Johnson said Saturday.” But most importantly, I can walk down the street, carefully but unchangingly, and I will have a pint of beer in the bubble. “

However, Johnson acknowledged that – unlike previously planned – all corona restrictions could not actually be lifted on June 21. Johnson said it was unclear what impact the third corona wave would have on Europe’s mainland. To protect against new strains of the corona virus, the British government plans to vaccinate a third time this year.

Secretary of State Nadeem Zahawi told the Daily Telegraph (Saturday) that people over the age of 70 could receive the “booster” vaccine in early September. Medical staff and nurses should receive their third dose within ten months. Zahawi said eight different vaccines will be available by the fall. He announced that drive-th vaccination centers would soon open, where people could be vaccinated in the car.

Vaccine cards for entry into pubs, theaters and churches and strict rules for entry are currently under discussion. From April 6, Secretary of Transport Grant Shops announced that truck drivers staying in the country for more than two days will be required to have a corona test within 48 hours.