April 10, 2021

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Great Britain launches vaccine alliance: Get vaccinated faster against corona mutations

Status: 04.03.2021 11:51 am

Great Britain wants to expedite the approval of adopted vaccines with the other four states. For a quick process, long-term studies with tens of thousands of participants must be provided.

Together with Canada, Australia, Singapore and Switzerland, Great Britain wants to recognize vaccines that will work against corona mutations in the future. Vaccines that have already been approved, but adaptations for mutations have been developed that should be approved without lengthy clinical trials in the future.

The so-called fast-track process also provides comprehensive testing of the immune response to vaccines and their safety, the British Approval Commission said. On the other hand, long-term clinical trials with tens of thousands of participants should be avoided. Meanwhile, the Regulatory Commission said that tests for antibodies in the blood could provide detailed findings on the effectiveness of vaccines.

Influenza vaccine as a sample

The aim is to “provide effective vaccines as soon as possible without compromising safety,” said Christian Schneider, president of the British Pharmaceuticals Association. This model is the annual approval of flu vaccines. As strains of the flu virus continue to change, a new drug is introduced each year.

Researchers fear that some of the mutants currently in circulation – such as those found in South Africa or first discovered in Brazil – may have somewhat worse performance than the currently available vaccines. Therefore, work is already underway to develop more generations of vaccines.

On Tuesday, Austria had already announced vaccination cooperation with Israel and Denmark.

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