April 10, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Great Britain – Festivals sold out – Concert promoters involved

In the UK, the UK government’s plan to remove all corona restrictions in the UK by the end of June has, if possible, led to a rush of concert and festival tickets.

Like the English “Guardian“Reports indicate that since Monday – the day of the announcement – the relevant providers have seen a significant increase in sales. Ticket portals on the Internet have reported an increase of up to 600 per cent in data traffic compared to the last few weeks. Festival organizers in Leeds and Reading – scheduled for August – have set up waiting lists in light of the large number of interested parties.

The desire for “infection insurance”

Nevertheless, there is unease among the organizers: they prefer some kind of contagious insurance. The 2021 festival period is not guaranteed, cited Paul Reid, managing director of the newspaper Independence Festivals Association. The risk of cancellation has not yet been ruled out. Reid stressed that carrying out big projects like concerts and festivals without being able to retreat on failed insurance is the biggest risk for independent companies.

The British government has announced that it will remove all corona operations in the UK by June 21, subject to certain conditions. This should be made possible by one large vaccine campaign among others. The prerequisite is that positive growth continues in reducing the number of infections and the new virus variant will not change the situation.

This news was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on February 28, 2021.