April 10, 2021

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Great Britain: Escape to Germany due to Corona? Not anymore

AThese sentences were exactly a year ago, but to this day are hard to forget. “What we are doing now has never happened before: we are depriving the free-born citizens of the United Kingdom of their usual right to go to the pub.”

In fact, those were the words chosen by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on the evening of March 20, 2020, to prepare the nation for the first lock. “I understand how difficult it is for people. It hurts,” he added.

When Boris Johnson Europe, which had crawled towards the lockout with almost unbearable humor and a shocking recession, was already closing. In Bergamo, military transporters drove coffins with Kovit dead, and the panic justified the spread from Madrid to Warsaw.

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However, the UK government believed it was indestructible and even consultants encouraged the notion of herd immunity. The Cheltenham horse race with 250,000 spectators was allowed to take place in mid-March. The “British exception” that was in effect during Brexit was now used to manage the epidemic.

At the time, I was pleased with the assurance given by my editorial team that, in case of doubt, I could transfer my work from London to safer Germany. Although the British dismissed the corona tests as “inexperienced”, German authorities formed a system and found traces of the infection.

Only one-seventh of intensive care beds

Although there were only 4,000 intensive care beds on the island, there were 28,000 in Germany. The horror news began in London in the last week of March. Two months later, Great Britain had the highest number of corona deaths in Europe.

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A year later the picture was turned upside down Germany Truly no longer a safe haven. On the contrary, belief in “German exceptionalism” seems to be spreading in many cases. Those virus mutations will not be caught, but will be caught “only the old ones” despite the evidence, and simply locking in a year later should actually be enough.

Now, to all people, it is the British who are bringing the epidemic under control. The number of new epidemics in Germany over the weekend was 17,500, almost three times that of the Kingdom. This is mainly caused by the severe locking that has been in place since the beginning of January, which will only elevate Johnson very slowly and with many obstacles.

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President Angela Merkel (CDU) and then US Vice President Joe Biden were in Berlin in 2013.

What’s even more important: almost 26 million now British Must have at least the first vaccine. This is 48 percent of adults, including myself. In the most populous Germany (83 million to 67 million), only seven million people have been vaccinated so far.

The benefits of the National Health Service (NHS), state and centralized health care system are now being implemented. There is no doubt that the NHS is inferior to the German system in “normal times”, for example in the areas of prevention, routine operations and rehabilitation.

But when it comes to the vaccine program, the only way to get out of the infection is to make it Britain’s strong point. A symptom: the number of people over the age of 80 who have died of Govt-19 since mid-February is very low.

At least importantly, if not, another British strength: science. The development of vaccines and the required productivity have been handled by experts in the pharmaceutical industry and universities since February 2020, weeks after Boris Johnson took over with gratitude.

The kingdom has the expertise and ability to make the world’s most unique gene sequencing. Experts at the Govt-19 Genomics UK Federation, founded at the end of March 2020 P.1.1.7-mutation Observation, it spread at breakneck speed from November, first across the English Southeast and then across the country.

As the researchers pursued the “Kent variant”, they are now pursuing the most dangerous mutations that first appeared in Brazil and South Africa. English authorities have recently launched a nationwide humanitarian operation as a person affected by the South African variation has disappeared from radar. She was being monitored.

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Wants to protect Western values ​​worldwide: PM Boris Johnson visits military base in Northern Ireland

A few weeks ago, the test teams also went door-to-door in my district because this variation emerged in a series of screenings. Reason: In contrast to B.1.1.7, existing vaccines have a limited effect only against the South African variety.

Meanwhile, according to Niall Ferguson, a leading epidemiologist at Imperial College London, ten percent of patients in neighboring France, France, are already affected by the South African variant.

In Hamburg, B.1.1.7 mutation was detected in 80% of patients, which was shown to be more contagious than the original virus. As more and more people are affected, Covit-19 may develop further mutations.

Most Britons have at least absorbed this link. Both intelligence and foresight can only be credited to the government to a certain extent. In fact, in late 2020, Johnson made the mistake of not listening to science a second time. Just before Christmas he pulled the emergency brake.

“It simply came to our notice then. Johnson should have announced a lockout in September, “said Jeremy Forer Weldt, an immunologist and member of Johnson’s scientific staff.

“Fifty percent of the more than 125,000 corona deaths were reported within seven weeks in January and February this year.” That is why, a year after the first lock-in, the demand for the establishment of a commission of inquiry is getting louder and louder.

Source: WORLD Chart

At this time, in Germany and elsewhere, the British “vaccine victory” makes some people forget how pathetic Johnsons Management really was. Tens of thousands died in the two corona waves because the Prime Minister did not have the courage to make drastic decisions – it was easier for the British central government than the German federal system.

Still, with three years to go before the next election, the lower house has a full Tory majority, with the opposition backing the move anyway.

Johnson paid a high price

As is well known, Johnson personally paid a high price when he became seriously ill with Covit-19 in early April 2020 and was admitted to the intensive care unit. The ruling cannot undoubtedly answer whether this experience really made him very cautious.

However, it is certain that British pragmatism and British expertise will shape London’s results a year later. It is very good for the people living in the kingdom now.