March 6, 2021

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Great Britain: Dog theft has increased sharply in corona infections


Dog theft: 250 percent increase in UK

Dogs learn to find people with corona disease

Dogs instead of PCR tests: In many countries, including France and the Czech Republic, dogs are trained to detect corona infection using sweat samples. The success rate is estimated at 95 percent.

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The British are trying to find comfort in dogs in epidemics, and prices have risen. It invites criminals to the scene – they cause great suffering.


  • Dogs seeking comfort in corona infections
  • Prices for animals have exploded, with people paying astronomical sums for certain species
  • It calls for criminals to steal dogs from their owners and sell them or give them to breeders
  • The cases are said to have increased by 250 per cent
  • Frustration of theft, offering a high ransom and demanding severe punishment

The 35-year-old Welsh woman was stunned when Sarah was stolen from six dogs in late December. “I was shocked, angry, scared, and of course very worried about the dogs.” Her husband was alone at night Found the broken door for the connectionWhere the dogs slept.

Sarah, who lives near the town of Port Talbot, said: “It is difficult to get through everyday life with guilt. Four Bottardale Terriers and a Border Terrier from the family are still missing, an English Springer Spaniel was discovered by a passerby a month after the theft. He was seriously injured and the perpetrators tried to remove the fitted microchip – failed.

Dog theft: Pension plans offered as a recovery plan

The media across the UK is currently reporting cases like Sarah. The The BBC reported a case, In which two dachshunds were stolen. The family is over The loss is very desperateThey have 20,000, under 23,000 euros, Redemption is provided in cash – All your savings. The mother told the broadcaster that dogs are “irreplaceable” for you and your children. Especially now in the loneliness of locking, fur noses are often comforting and their loss is even more painful.

Corona virus – the most important news at a glance

The number of dog thefts in the UK has been on the rise since March 2020, according to DocLost Increased by 250 percent: “This is a growing contagion similar to the corona virus,” explains Wayne May of DocLost, where online databases are used to reconnect missing dogs with their owners. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years now. 2020 was the worst year ever.”

Before the epidemic, it was just plain thefts, May says. “Everything has changed in the last year. We have now organized dog-stealing gangs to breed dogs or to collect rewards or ransoms.

Dogs: The petition states that thieves should be severely fined

According to May, only hefty fines will help: “In the UK it is now more profitable to be a dog thief than a drug dealer because the fines do not match the crime.” The only fine for stealing a dog is 200 to £ 250: “For such an absurd amount, criminal gangs are willing to take this risk.”

Corona – Additional information on the topic

An online petition Wants the government Categorize dog theft as a separate crime in the futureTheft of a ride is punishable as a crime. At least Eight years in prison and a fine of 5,000 To threaten in accordance with the wishes of the signatories. Bicycle theft carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

Nearly 177,000 people have already signed up, most of them – like Sarah – from Wales. Parliament wants to tackle this issue with 100,000 signatures.

The UK government responded to the petition: “We understand the emotional trauma of stealing a loved one.” Already classified as a crimeThe fine is “only with our independent courts”. However, the guidelines have already taken into account the emotional pain that such theft can cause.

UK: Dog prices have gone up

The English already Known for a long time as the dog lover, But since the outbreak, many have sought to cope with loneliness and fear with the help of four-legged comrades – Great Britain has been hit hard by the corona epidemic with 110,000 deaths in Europe. Prices, especially for puppies, ShotThis aroused the interest of seed growers and criminals.

Corona Vaccine – More About Vaccines:

Pets4Homes, an online marketplace for selling and adopting dogs, had about 150,000 offers between March and September The average price of a dog is 8 1,883 (2149 euros). During the same period last year, it was less than half of $ 888. For puppies of some popular breeds such as Spaniels, Bulldogs, Buck and Poodles mixed breeds Sometimes called over 4000 pounds. (pcl / afp)

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