March 6, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Great Britain depends on the EU for the vaccine: almost all vaccines by the end of May

As the UK goes its own way, tensions in the EU over rising vaccination delays are mounting. Recent conflicts over the next vaccine to hit the market are emerging: pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Its advantage is its benefit after vaccination. That is, 66 percent.

The EU Commission briefly warns

Although this vaccine is manufactured within the EU, it must be shipped to the United States for packaging and packaging. The reason is that Austrian President Kurs sent a warning letter to EU Commission President Van der Leyen with colleagues such as the Czech Prime Minister Babis. Negotiations should be held immediately with companies to secure supplies for Europe. Potential sanctions on U.S. exports must be prevented.

Van der Lion counters

Van der Leyen responded in an interview with Frankfurt Alzheimer’s. He denied allegations that the EU had ordered the vaccine too late. Delays are caused by other factors. The joint purchase of vaccines by the EU could have taken too long, and going it alone would have shaken the foundations of Europe, says Conrad Kramer

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