April 10, 2021

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Great Britain and the European Union: Competitive and elective friendship

Brexit has been a major theme in recent years, but since the UK left the EU in early 2020/2021, relations between the EU and the island nation have calmed down – but things are still sinking behind the scenes.

The UK has not been part of the European single market since the beginning of this year, and the last-minute trade deal is currently temporary. The final green light for the European Parliament is still pending. It’s not a matter of form, ” said Bernd Lange, chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade Conversation of EU German citizens Last Wednesday. The UK’s expulsion was selective: while the country continued to participate in some research projects, it withdrew from many things, including the Erasmus + project. Some regulations such as CO2 pricing in the energy sector are still pending.

Annette Dittert, an ARD reporter in London and studio manager at the ARD UK office, answered questions from more than 200 people who took part in the Digital Citizens Conversation. He pointed out that small and medium enterprises in particular have been hit hard by Brexit and many are facing bankruptcy – even many fishermen who previously strongly supported Brexit are now aware of this. But the government around Prime Minister Boris Johnson generally avoids the Brexit issue. The government is using the successful vaccination campaign as evidence that it is worth leaving the EU. The current dispute over the corona vaccine from the manufacturer AstraZeneca also clarifies the UK government’s strategy for the EU: the EU stands Sacrifice This is because he is publicly considering exporting the vaccine to the UK. As the British manufacturer’s vaccine was shipped in large numbers, AstraZeneca significantly reduced its supply to the EU and failed to deliver on its promises. However, this is not part of the debate in Great Britain – despite the catastrophic system, the group is gaining great recognition in the British media.

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When asked about media diversity in the United Kingdom, Dittart expressed concern: The BBC, the public broadcaster, no longer dared to report on Brexit because the station was intimidated by the government’s aggressive policies. It will be added from the summer GB News and UK News Give me two new TV stations operating in the United States similar to Fox News. So in Great Britain some media outlets report that it is true and impartial. Many of them are controlled by the media company Murdoch. Even before the Brexit referendum, the great influence of this report was clear: most newspapers reported Clear ideological focus; For example, the Daily Mail sided with Brexit lawyers.

Is England going to fall?

For the most part, the Scottish people view the political situation in the United Kingdom differently than their English neighbors, and have already voted in favor of prolonging the EU in the Brexit referendum. The exit from the EU is fueling the independence movement, with incumbent Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon and his Scottish National Party (SNP) leading the election. The first referendum failed in 2014, but Brexit changed the status quo: especially the young Scottish people are demanding independence and re-entry into the EU. According to Annette Ditter, the Scottish people are “a deeply social democratic society that finds the Tory’s turbo-capitalism in London often terrifying and further identifies itself with Northern Europeans.” The situation is uncertain as Scotland will have to agree with the UK government to leave the UK, Johnson vehemently opposes.

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But things are declining in the west of the country: in Northern Ireland, the citizens were with each other To stay in the EU Pronounced. Negotiations over the Brexit agreement between Brussels and London are particularly sensitive here, as the political situation on the Irish-Northern Irish border has never been fully reconciled since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. In the conversation of the citizens, Bernd Lange explained the current order. It stipulates that goods for goods from the UK, Scotland and Wales to Northern Ireland must be submitted and comply with EU certificates. Johnson had spoken publicly about wanting to ignore this regulation. Long complained that the British government did not stick to the agreement and that the EU was being blamed. In fact, the mood is so tense that European officials have not been able to come to the Belfast office for a week in February. Security is not guaranteed War.

However, on Good Friday, referendums on leaving the United Kingdom were possible in Northern Ireland – regardless of Westminster’s permission. So a union of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland seems to have more time than Scotland’s independence. When asked if the kingdom in its current form could collapse, Annette Ditter replied sternly: “This is a period of time.”

Britain and the European Union: An uncertain future

Bernd Lange would have preferred a more serious relationship than a trade agreement, for example a common foreign policy. National sovereignty against powers like the United States and China, and large corporations such as Facebook and Amazon, is an “illusion” for such a small country.

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While the final details of future legal relations are still pending, one thing is clear: Great Britain is striving for more national sovereignty and wants to set international standards – without the EU. Boris Johnson does not seem to have a specific plan for this, and the economy is already suffering from the effects of Brexit. The corona crisis still obscures discourse, but it is uncertain how long it will last. In the future, Europe will have to adjust to the fact that Great Britain will go its own way, especially if the EU does not always want to. Therefore, it is the citizens who maintain friendship with our British neighbors.