April 10, 2021

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Great Britain and Albania sign economic agreements

(Photo: MEFA)

Tirana – Albanian Foreign Minister Olta Shayka and British Ambassador Duncan Norman have signed an agreement in Tirana to deepen economic ties between their countries.

“This is a good day for Albania-UK trade and relations. I am happy with Olda Shaska.
The signing of our new agreement will strengthen trade ties and allow us to continue and develop our close working relationships in a variety of areas, including the environment, energy and education, ”Norman wrote on Twitter.

The agreement would “synchronize economic ties and remove barriers to trade in goods and services,” the Albanian foreign minister said.

The agreement also aims to combat organized crime.

For this purpose, the British Government a News release:

The signed agreement sets the ambitions of Great Britain and Albania for our future relationship, including strengthening political, economic, security and cultural ties. This agreement will not only deepen our common mission against organized crime, but will also enhance security in the Western Balkans and make more Albania and Britain safer governance and political cooperation.

By signing the agreement, Great Britain reaffirmed its commitment to its close relationship with Albania and its continued positive role in the West Balkans.


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