April 10, 2021

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From Confusion to Model Student: Great Britain and Epidemiology

From Confusion to Model Student: Great Britain and Epidemiology

Pub owners in London roll the first barrels towards the tap, clean their seats in the beer garden, make appointments for hairdressers and vacation apartments in Cornwall are almost fully booked. Symptoms in the UK indicate ease. On April 12, beer gardens, numerous shops and first shelters will open. Meanwhile in Belgium: Dispute related to vaccines, fostering through a step-by-step program and – a lot, a lot of frustration.

Great Britain shows that there is another way. But wait – Great Britain !? Anything? If you look back three months, you can’t imagine that the chaos in the epidemic classroom could one day turn into a model student. Just before Christmas was a place where the world tried to close in panic – the UK was a breeding ground for a terrible epidemic. A country with a catastrophic death record of nearly 150,000 deaths related to corona and a government that did everything wrong when fighting the plague that could be blamed. So that’s what happened

The answer is clear: it was vaccinated. Nearly half of the population has at least one first corona vaccine, almost nowhere else. As long as the herd is immune, the first pro-government newspaper is already cheering. The success of the UK vaccination campaign has kept the country in a position that only the majority of the world can dream of. But vaccination is only one part of the answer.

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The truth also includes the following: The British have been living without murmuring for months under measures used only in Belgium at the beginning of the epidemic: For months, people – with a few exceptions – have not been allowed to meet a person outside the house Do not leave your own place for no good reason. “Stay at home, protect the health system and save lives” is the ubiquitous mantra. Private travel has been strictly prohibited for several months.

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