September 21, 2021

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France suspends bilateral military cooperation with Mali

Paris has gone from threat to action in Mali. Following the May 24 coup, France decided to suspend Colonel Azimi Costa, who had come to power. “As a precaution and temporary measure” Its bilateral military cooperation with this prosperous country has been confirmed The world, Thursday, June 3, Ministry of Armed Forces. A decision leading to the sign-off of joint operations by the French force “Barcane” with the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa)

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The announcement comes as Mali experienced its second coup on May 24 in nine months. On that day, there were interim President Bahn Da and his Prime Minister Moktar Owane He was arrested and later forced to resign By the men of Colonel Costa, who were already teachers On August 18, 2020, President Ibrahim Bakr overthrew Gesta, This «IBK.

The French decision to suspend its military cooperation with Mali also led to the suspension of training operations by the French with the army and Malian security forces. “These results will be re-evaluated in the coming days in light of the responses provided by Malian authorities.”, Thursday evening, the Armed Forces Ministry informed us.

The Malian army is being cut off from its two main supporters, France and the United States. In the aftermath of the attack, the Americans announced that they would suspend their aid to Malian forces.

“More Democratic Justice”

Since 2014, 5,000 men have been detained from combating jihadi groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State Organization (EI), especially in northern Mali, in Sahel, especially in the French operation “Barcane”. But Emmanuel Macron pointed this out during an May 30 interview Sunday newspaper, That he would not stay “With a country that no longer has democratic justice”. In view, the profile of the French president: the new Malian officials, he still fears openly “Radical Islam”. “If it goes this way, I’ll get it back”, Mr. Promised Macron.

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The Malian soldiers who seized power knew they were under threat of French sanctions. After the Malian executive was arrested, Paris threatened to take over “Target Obstacles” Against the Botswana if the change process does not start again “Normal Course”. Since then, MM. Although N’Daw and Ouane were released by the military junta, they were not reinstated. It was Colonel Costa who established himself as the leader of this change. He is due to take office in Bamako on Monday, June 7, before being appointed his future prime minister.

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Mali had Already suspended, a few days ago, from sub-regional organizations – The Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS) – and the African Union (AU) following this new conspiracy. Egovas has called for the appointment of a prime minister, not a soldier, but a citizen, and to respect the scheduled date of the February 27, 2022 presidential election in Mali. Requirements and red lines have been set by ECOWAS and AU to clarify the structure of political change in Mali. Malian authorities need to respond quickly “ We told the Armed Forces Ministry early Thursday morning.