September 21, 2021

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France and Spain must be loyal partners of Morocco! –

France, Spain and the United States are at different levels in support of the policy of autonomy put forward by Morocco. But, according to Manuel Valls, Paris and Madrid are moving to change their position on the Sahara in the direction of supporting the US Declaration.

“To the question of the Sahara, France and Spain must be loyal partners of Morocco, their role in the stabilization of the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa is essential.”, Said former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

According to a former candidate for the 2019 municipal elections in Barcelona, “This conflict around the Sahara comes from a world that no longer exists, the world of camps, the locations of the Yalta and its effects on a continent like Africa, all of which are obsolete., Condemning the rigidity of the Spanish left in the Sahara issue and pointing out that Morocco rightly opposes the policy of the referendum process based on self-determination.

“Within the Spanish government, there is a minority ally, the Podemos Party, which is limited to the old rhetoric, refusing to see what the Sahara should be, on the dynamic ground of Morocco.”, He recalled “Among those seeking the independence of the Sahara, like Policario, criminal and terrorist networks are proliferating, as documented by the intelligence of many states.”.

To the former French Prime Minister, “We have every interest in a peaceful relationship with Morocco, because the European nations that want the opposite are losing every time! Whether it is immigration or the fight against drug traffickers, Spain and France are directly affected by the effects of the diplomatic war.”.

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Manuel Valls believes that France and Spain “We need to be clear about their support for Morocco in the Sahara. But in more detail, Europe and the children should not be behind Morocco to use less diplomatic language.”, he said.

The former French prime minister stressed the US decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara and whether he felt that neighboring countries and permanent members of the Security Council should support it. “Trump is right to create a spark by enforcing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara” … “This dynamic is significant”, He added “Thanks to our common history, our interests converge. There is no longer an opportunity to wait, get out of old talk like the independence of the Sahara, and reconnect with the modern world.”.

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