March 6, 2021

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Formula 1 Live Stream: Virtual Racing Great Britain GP | Formula 1 news

The new Formula 1 season starts on March 28, but the tires are already almost glowing. Numerous F1 drivers compete on the console in the British GP. Sky shows virtual racing on TV and in a free stream on the and SkySport app. All information about relocation.

Before the new season, the races of the Formula 1 eSport series are to come. On Sunday in Great Britain’s Virtual GP, Formula 1 adults and other sports stars will once again be fighting for a good cause: the prize money will be donated to a charity. The current champion of the F1 eSport series is Williams driver George Russell.

Races have no influence at the official World Championships.

Sequence for Silverstone

In the virtual version of Silverstone, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi (both Williams Racing) are the current Formula 1 drivers on the console.

In addition, the following racers and sports stars will be at the start: including test and reserve driver Alex Alban (Red Bull Racing) and professional footballer and true keeper Thibaut Courtois (Alfa Romeo):

F1 eSports lineup for Silverstone

Team Driver1 Drive2
Alfa Romeo Thibaut Courtois Jack McDermott
Alpaca auri Luca Salvadori Vittontonio Luci
Alpine தேமுசாண்டே Squeeze
FDA Period Ilt Robert Swartzman
Haas Pietro Fitness Enzo Fitpality
Red bull Alex Alban Liam Lawson
Williams George Russell Nicholas Latifi
McLaren Jimmy Broadband Benjamin Daly

This is Austria’s virtual GPU.

Formula 1 Virtual – British GB: Where and When?

Virtual betting British G.P. It will take place on Sunday, February 7 from 7:00 p.m. Sky broadcasts on TV on Sky Sports 2, as well as on the free live stream on SkySport.D and SkySport app.

A virtual race will also take place at Interlogos (February 14).

Formal 1 2021 Live Bee Sky

The new Formula 1 season starts on March 28 in Bahrain. To the racing calendar.

You can only watch all the Formula 1 races of the 2021 season on Sky. All information about F1 broadcast and Sky Stream on TV You come here!

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