September 21, 2021

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For the first time in a month there is no pollution in China

China, which has faced an epidemic renaissance linked to the delta strain in recent weeks, on Monday reported no new cases of locally occurring Kovit-19 in its soil, which leaves one to think it is a month and spread.

The Asian country, which has largely controlled the Govt epidemic since the spring of 2020, has faced re-contamination of its soil since July, despite the world’s toughest sanitation measures.

The explosion, which was initially detected at Nanjing (East) airport, spread to half the provinces of the country, creating more than a thousand patients and suffocating millions.

Since the appearance of the first govt cases in the country at the end of 2019, it is geologically the largest epidemic withdrawal in China.

It is noteworthy that the capital city of Beijing and the city of Wuhan (center) imposed severe isolation on its first 11 million people at the beginning of the epidemic.

China did not report any new local pollution on its soil on Monday, the first time since July 16.

However, the country has registered 21 new cases of so-called “imported”, i.e. people who have returned from abroad and become infected.

China is pursuing a zero tolerance policy against the virus, especially at a time when delta variation is raging in neighboring Burma.

Uses country controls, general screening and mobile applications to monitor movements.

China imposes mandatory isolation when it comes to the region and closes its borders to the majority of foreigners.

In terms of the vaccine, the world’s most populous country has already delivered 1.94 billion doses (“made in China alone”), according to the latest official figures released on Saturday.

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However, the number of people who have been fully vaccinated is unknown.