September 21, 2021

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Fire in Capilia: Diplomatic fire in Algeria

In these modern times, in the opinion of the ecologist and even more so, the indirect effect of global warming cannot be seen, especially on the islands that burn the planet and especially those living in the Mediterranean, except perhaps Algeria, an extreme heat wave and unparalleled amount of fire. In fact, in the east of Ebin, a hundred people died tragically in the mega fire that burned Kapilia.

One fire ignited another, and it ignited … Diplomacy, it began, during the Khaki arson regime of Algiers, the masters of its agents, set fire to Capilia. Aside from the fact that it is better to cover the face, who is definitely better than the Moroccan neighbors! The state acts as the best culprit when caught in this vicious and “criminal” wildfire. This question is absurdly luxurious to dismiss itself. It turns out and this is the best explanation, the rule of high officials in Algeria, well … those in disguise, the lesser representative of the Algerian people with a name that cannot be pronounced by the president, precedes El Mouradia.

As we can see, Algeria is instrumental in using its own fire and accusing Kapil of throwing volcanoes of separatism, which is completely legal in nature. But the Algerian regime was really ignited when the fire for fire, Omar Hilale, the Moroccan ambassador to the United Nations, showed his sympathy for Kapil’s independence in a speech similar to the one held by Algeria in Polisario. It has been a hotbed of fighting ever since and Algeria announced a few days ago that it would “reconsider” its relationship with Morocco and strengthen border controls.

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From this new stage of escalating tensions rooted in Algeria since independence, the latter announced the intensification of “security restrictions on the western borders” by “relentless hostility”. So far, Rabat has ignored these “provocations” and threats from Algeria. From the threat of withdrawal of ambassadors and the closure of airspace to the strengthening of military border controls, it only acts to oppose the neighboring state east of Eden. The latter invited him from the throne to turn the page by speech. But no! Algeria insists on “adventuring” the region with incalculable consequences.

Algeria “officially” stationed its military units on the border with Morocco, “accusing” Kabili MAK and Rashad of supporting the autonomous movement Rabat. But in reality, dozens of Algerian military bases are located on common borders, just 8 km from the border between the two countries. This is the first time the Algerian regime has announced concrete steps to create a rift with Morocco. However, Mustafa Dosa, a political scientist and journalist at the request of Hezbollah, did not think that things could go beyond antiquity between Morocco and Algeria. The direct confrontation between the two Maghreb forces did not return to the point where it could not be unleashed. ” These conditions are as severe as the Algerian regime, only to serve an internal agenda due to popular pressure. .

Dosa explained in his statement to the newspaper. The Algerian regime is at a dead end, as usual it wants to find a shop to solve the internal crisis and create an external enemy and focus on it and act like a hangar to change its settings. “He further underscored,” This tension, newly created by El Mouradia, is the best way to put out the internal political and social fire. “In his statement, the political scientist believes.” The Algerian public opinion does not believe that the allegations against Morocco, Israel and the MAK are behind it. Fire in Kapilia “, Referring to it” Social networking sites make fun of these allegations “Doosa explains.” The Algerian regime uses Morocco as an external enemy, trying to divert its attention from the Algerian regime to cover up fallen holes, mistakes and shortcomings. “,” Algeria is reeling from its troubles and conflicts and wants to divert Algerian attention to Morocco and Israel.

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For his part, left-wing writer and politician Mohammad Bopekri, ” The situation between Morocco and Algeria, especially after the recent standings, will become more expansive on the ground. “, When referring to it” Algerian commanders were unable to confront Morocco “In his statement to Hezpress,” Algerian commanders know that Morocco is a country with strong institutions and cannot do much against the popular will of the Moroccan people. “, Emphasizing it” Algerian military power fears Moroccan strike .