March 6, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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EU wants to postpone ratification of trade agreements –

Dear reader,

The media is a pillar of democracy – as long as they function well. Now, more than ever, we need impartial, informative information on how the EU works – and why. This information should not be hidden behind a payroll. We continue to strive to make our content available for free.

We know our readers value our report. We know that a clear and impartial report on the EU is essential for the future of the EU.

We know that your support is needed to maintain such an independent and (free) free press.

Do not take the media sector as an order. The media was in a precarious position even before the corona virus infection. Because people are currently unable to meet, the industry is losing one of its main sources of income: events. EURACTIV is funded through revenue streams, including online advertising, EU funding programs and political debate events. All of these sources of income are affected by the current crisis.

As the media struggles to survive, misinformation thrives at the same time. We already have a lot of scary tactics, fake news about the EU’s reaction and increasing threats to press freedom.

We have been providing EU free, independent, multilingual information for over two decades. We continue to trust Europe; We hope you will too.

At this crucial time your financial support will enable our network of newsrooms across Europe to continue its work – at a time when Europe is in dire need.

Thank you for your support of the EURACTIV Media Network!

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